Friday, June 22, 2012

How I store my Nail Polishes

Hey everyone. So I wanted to do a post on how I store my nail polishes. I keep them in color order. I have all the red together all the oranges together and the yellows and so on... I love nail polishes and I hope to grow my collection.

How do you organize your nail polishes?



  1. Wow this is very organised! I have a large box that I store my random ones in, but my Mavala ones have their own special box where they're arranged by colour :)

    Lea x

  2. You are very organized! I keep my nail polishes at the bottom of my makeup trunk...not so organized!

  3. i keep mine in my drawer in my end table. i have them lined up in color order on one side, and my clear coats and nail strips on the other. but i need a new way to store them soon because i'm almost out of room!!

  4. I have four 3 drawer storage cubes from michaels..........