Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone! I can't believe it has been another year! I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve. So this is a really short posts but I just basically wanted wish you all a happy New Year!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years: makeup, outfit, hair and nails

Hey everyone! I know that I have been slacking off so much with writing blog posts and I am truly sorry. This past week I actually went on vacation and I though I would be able to make some posts but for some reason I was unable to add photos to the posts on my phone. But now I am back and I have a last minute New Years overall look; including, makeup, outfit, hair and nails.

For the makeup:

1. Apply a primer to your eyelids. I like to use Soft Ochre by MAC but what ever you have will do!

2. Next apply a gel eyeliner to your upper lash line and lower water line with an angled eyeliner brush. I am using Maybeline gel liner and an elf angled eyeliner brush.

3. Now use a dark grey eyeshadow and apply it to the outer "V" (or outer corner of your eye). I am using Nehru by MAC.

4. Next I am using this very shimmery-sparkly silver color and applying it all over my eye lids (Its New Years have fun with the sparkles!!) This will help blend out the dark grey eyeshadow and will also make the liner a little less harsh.

5. Now time to add more sparkles (yayy!) I am using the NYX Glitter Eyeliner in the color disco queen. What I do with this is apply it over the gel liner line that we made earlier.

6. Feel free to curl your eye lashes at this time but it is not necessary, I do not like to curl my lashes so I did not.

7. Now apply a non-water proof mascara. I am using the Loreal Voluminous Mascara (in black). Then for that false lashed look, use a water proof mascara over the none water proof mascara. I am using the Loreal Telescopic explosion (in black.)

9. Apply a neutral shade of pink for blush. I like MAC's blush in Dame but any light pink will do.

10. For some shine on your lips apple MAC's Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity. (Like I said, don't be afraid to add some sparkles!!)

11. To finish off the look use a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup in place. I like MAC fix plus but I heard Urban Decay has one called something like "Up All Night".


I chose a more casual outfit for this New Years! It is perfect for cold weather because where I live it is really cold. If you are going to hang out with friends, family or even family friends!

Casual Outfit:

Shirt: Lord and Taylor
Leggings: TJ MAXX
Boots: Nine West
Bracelet and watch: Forever 21
Studded Bracelet:


For my hair I will actually curl it using the clip-less curling iron that is made a post on a while back. To check it out click on the link: . My hair takes a while to curl so for this special occasion I thought I would curl it!


OMG you guys!! Have you seen OPI James Bond Collection? If you did and you know my obsession of sparkles for New Years, can you guess what color I painted my nails? ..... Its called The Living Daylights and I absolutely LOVE it! This color it does require about 3-4 coats because it is glitter but it is worth it! (If you don't want as much glitter you can apply this color as an accent color only to your ring finger over either a dark color or a light pink or beige.)

I hope you all enjoyed my New Years Makeup, Outfit Ideas, Hair, and Nails. Let me know in the comments what you think!

P.S. So sorry that this post is last minute but hey... better late than never right?!


Monday, December 17, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day! 12/17/12

Hey everyone. I just painted my nails so I thought I would show you all. I will be going on vacation very soon to a warm place so that is why I painted them a light color! Usually during the fall and winter I paint my nails dark or neutral colors but I thought I would change it up!

I hope you all enjoyed! Feel free to leave a request in the comments and  I will do my best to do it!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Favorite Songs at the Moment!

Hey everyone. I am a firm believer that if you are in a bad mood music can cheer you up (if it is a happy song). I love to listen to music so here are some of my favorite songs at the moment!

A Thousand Years- Christina Perri

The Man Who Can't Be Moved- The Script

Mine - Taylor Swift

L.A. - Downtown Drive

Better Dig Two- The Band Perry

Thrift Shop- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (this is kind of a strange some but for some reason I love it!)

Telescope- Hayden Panettiere

I Hope It Rains- Jana Kramer

Those are a few of the songs I have been loving recently! What are some of your favorite songs? Let me know in the comments!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tis The Season Tag!

Hey everyone! I was tagged to do the Tis The Season Tag by Kyla from She tagged me to do the Tis The Season Tag. If you want to check out her response you can click the following link: Kyla thank you so much for tagging me!

1. As of right now how many sleeps until Christmas? 

I not really sure what this means so I'm not so sure how to answer it.... sorry

2. What is number one on your wish list? 

Number 1 on my wish list would have to be... makeup and clothing!

3. How do you get in the holiday spirit?

Well my way is kind-of unusual but if you do it too you will know how awesome it is and how festive you feel and it is belting out lyrics to holiday songs at the top of my lungs!

4. How does your family celebrate your holiday?

Well, my family  always sits by the fire and then my sisters and I exchange gifts and then my parents give us gifts and then we give our parents a conjoint gift.

5. What's a tradition you love?

My family is a little boring in this sense because we don't really have a tradition. :( If you have any suggestions we can start a tradition though!

6. Do you give gifts?

Yes I do! I love the feeling of giving someone a gift they want just as much as receiving a gift I want.

7. What is your favorite holiday drink?

It used to be Hot Coco but now I am a vegan so now I love Apple Spice Tea!

8. What is your favorite holiday food?

I love salads so for the holidays I love when the salad are holiday colors (i.e. red and green)

9. What is your favorite holiday movie?

My favorite holiday movie is Elf!

10. If you worked in Santa's Workshop what would you be doing?

Hummm... I would probably be the one telling all of the other elfs that it is almost Christmas because its hard to mess up that job and I would be so mortified if I ruined Christmas for a lot of little boys and girls!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to answer these questions! I would love to read what your answers are!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Me on Youtube? Thoughts?

Hey everyone! So lately I have been contemplating making my own youtube videos and I thought who better to help me make my decisions than all of you! I was wondering if any of you would watch my videos if I made them. I would love to know your thoughts on whether I should start my own channel and blog or just stick to blogging? The videos would be fashion and beauty related, different from what I have done in the past, this time I would do the more typical beauty video where I talk to all of you. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks so much!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hemp Hand Cream Review

Hey everyone. It is now winter time an where I live it gets really cold and dry. My skin becomes really dry and I can not stand it! I recently found this hand cream at the body shop and have been using it for a little over a month now and I LOVE IT! It makes my hands so super soft.

The only negative thing I think about this is the smell but smell is totally personal. Since I don't really care for the smell what I do is I apply a little bit of this at night so the smell is gone by the morning!

If your hands get very dry or if you just always like hand cream I totally recommend this product! Also, there is no animal testing! In addition, I know this is kind-of weird but I really like the packaging it comes in!

I hope this review! Let me know if you want a post on how I keep my skin hydrated during the cold winter months!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Favorites!

Hey everyone! So November is coming to an end so I am going to do a November Favorites post. Lets get started!

1. Essie nail polish in Good as Gold

2. Dinair Airbrush Makeup

3. Hemp Hand Proctor from the Body Shop

4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla

5. MAC Eyeshadow in Sable

6. Favorite movie: Rock of Ages

7. Favorite Song: Better Dig Two The Band Perry and Take a Walk Passion Pit

8. Favorite TV Shows: The Mentalist, Gossip Girl, 90210, and How I Met Your Mother

I hope you all enjoyed!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

OMG Nails Review/ Tutorial

Hey everyone. A little while ago I was contacted by the company OMG Nails. They sell nail strips/ foils for about $4.30! How amazing! The company has so many different choices to chose from. I chose the Silver Base with Black Skulls Nail Foil Strips. These strips are amazing because there is zero smudging and they take no time to dry. I really like these nail strips but the only thing is I feel like these strips are going to peel off but I will keep you all up to date about how long they last.

Their website is:
Their facebook is:
Their twitter is:


1. Peel off the strips

2. Place them on your nails and line up the rounded edge with your cuticle.

3. The tip should hang over your nail and with the bend are fold it over and use a nail file to get rid of the excess nail strip.

4. Then, I used a clear nail polish on the tip of my nail to keep the strip on my nails.

*The polish strips do not stay on too well but if you wanted them for a special occasion then I say go for it! But if you want something that will last for a few weeks then I would not go for these strips. The strips do start to peel after a little while.

I was sent these strips for free but all opinions are my own!