Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Get White Nails!

Hey everyone. If you are like me and love to paint your nails and constantly paint them a different color this post is going to be helpful to you. A lot of times if you have nail polish on for a while it starts to discolor your nails and they do not look very attractive. Well, I have a way to get white, healthy-looking nails.

What I use to keep my nails white is denture cleaner believe it or not. Any denture cleaner brand will work I use the Premier Value Double Action Denture Cleanser (but it really does not matter which brand). Plus, denture not that expensive and you get a lot of tablets. Mine came with 84 tablets (you want to make sure that they are tablets). What you do is place the tablet in to water (I like to use hot water because it is soothing) and let it dissolve. Then for however long it says to leave the dentures in, let your nails soak in it for that amount of time (usually around 3-5 minutes). 

I do this about once a week before I paint my nails because you want to do this to bare nails. 

Don't have access to denture cleaner?

Also you can use whitening toothpaste to whiten your nails. Apply it to your nails for about 15-30 minutes. Then wash with warm water and gently scrub your nails with a tooth brush (I recommend getting a separate one though) Even though you can still use this toothpaste technique to whiten your nails I like the denture cleaner one better because it is more relaxing and quicker to do.

Hope this helps and leave any requests for posts in the comment! If you have any questions feel free to email me at camigmakeup4u2c@gmail.com !


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Want Longer Hair, Faster?

Hey everyone! So I just want to start off by saying that I am not a professional! These are just going to be some tips on how to help it grow, it will not be long over night.

Lets get started:

1. Use heat protectant when using any heat on your hair, even blowdrying!

2. Heat increases the rate of you hair growth believe it or not! Don't fry your hair because I said this but as long as you use a protectant it will help it to grow. When you use heat on your hair it strips the hair of natural oils so the follicles goes into overdrive to produce the oil and the hair.

3. Keep a healthy diet, make sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables

4. Excises, when you exercise your pore and follicles open up to get rid of the toxins and your hair follicles will be working on overdrive to get rid of toxins. Your hair will grow faster because the follicles are active!

Now if you use these steps in your everyday life your hair will grow longer and faster than it would normally but it is not an overnight thing so just keep that in mind!

Hope this helps and if you have anymore hair growth tips leave them in the comments because I would love to read them.


Friday, January 27, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey everyone.

I have been given the Versatile Blodder Award by the lovely Sabrina and Genevieve from http://lipstickandglitters.blogspot.com (thank you so much) and also from the lovely Lulu from http://prettypaperdolly.blogspot.com (thank you so much)! You should totally go check out their blogs.

For this award I must nominate (well one blog had seven and one had ten) so I will go with 9! And share with you 7 random facts. (Also you must thank the person who gave it to you)

Random Facts:

1. I am 5' 2"
2. my favorite color is glitter
3. I have hair-phobia (kind-of, I am not diagnosed with it or anything like that I don't even think there is a really thing!) I am fine with hair on someone's head like that but I hate when their is hair just lying around or in food, I literally will not eat my dish if I see a hair in it (I think that is kind-of strange because I love to flat iron and curl my hair!)
4. I am very superstitious (Friday 13th terrifies me) hahaha and you will constantly see me knocking on wood!
5. I do not eat any red meat
6. I love the new show called Jane By Design (if you love fashion and drama you should totally watch it!)

I award this to:

1. Eva

2. AngieBeautyBelle

3. 21SaraLoves

4. AJ and KV

5.  Kimi

6. Kelsey

7. Lisa

8. Carissa

Thanks so much for reading this and please feel free to leave comments because I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading them! 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tip of the Day 1/25/12

Hey everyone! This post is a tip of the day. So the tip for today is.......

Use honey! Do you have a bad blemish? Well all you have to do is apply a little honey to the blemish at night and rinse it in the morning!

Why it works:

It has antibacterial properties that help clear the imperfections from your skin!

Hope this helps!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Forever 21 Haul!

Hey everyone. I went shopping at Forever 21 today and thought I would show you what I bought! I did not buy a lot but I really love what I did get. 

First I got a pair of earrings that I love. I love hanging earrings when I wear my hair up to make it look a little more fancy. Plus they were only $4.80.

The next thing I bought was a necklace that is a light pink with gold and rhinestones. It is a long necklace and I just really love necklaces that is why I bought it.

The next item I bought is a long sleeves shirt. I personally think it is so cute and comfy. 

The last thing I bought was a short sleeve top that I am not going to wear yet but in the spring and summer I will!

So that is it for my haul! 

So as you can see in the last picture my nails are not painted so I was wondering what color you think I should choose:

Hope you enjoyed the haul and please let me know what color you think I should choose?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I was Tagged!

Hey everyone! I was tagged by Eva her link is http://girlygirlthingz.blogspot.com/ . Lets get started!

1. How would you describe your personality strengths and weakness?

strengths- caring, friendly, forgiving, honest and laughs a lot!
weaknesses- I care about what people think of me (I am trying to work on only caring what I think of my self though!)

2. What would you do if you could have only one day to live?

I would make the best of it, I would hang out with friends and family and just have a good time!

3. What is your favorite color?

Well I have two.... PINK AND GLITTER!!!!!

4. Do you have role models? If yes whom and why?

My sister becuase she is just an overall good person that seems to always make good decisions!

5. If you were a superhero who would you be and why?

I would be Catwoman

6. What is your favorite movie? 

A Walk to Remember (if you have not seen it you need to rent it I love it!)

7. Are you more of a trendsetter or a fashion victim? 

I think I am a trendsetter. I don't really know... do you want me to post outfit of the day?

8. Do you prefer to wear lipstick or lipgloss?

I like lipgloss better but I really love the Covergirl Natureluxe gloss balm!

9. What music do you listen to?

Pop (and some times pop with a little country)

10. Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

Hopefully, settled down in a house with kids and a profession that has to do with makeup or fashion!

I tag anyone who wants to do this and feel free to leave me a comment with the link to the post so I could check it out.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If I were Stranded...

Hey everyone! I have a little bit of a different post but it is still beauty related! So lets get into the post!

I was wondering if you were stranded on an island and could have an unlimited amount of ONE beauty related item what would it be?

For me it would probably be Aquaphor! Aquaphor is my life saver! I always put it on my lips when they are chapped and around my nose at night! I literally could not be stranded on an island with out it! I love it sooo much!

So now that you know what I would bring leave me a comment with what you would bring! It could be any beauty related item! (If you want to make a post like I did feel free and if you want leave the link in the comments and I will defiantly check it out!)

Hope you enjoyed! 


Monday, January 16, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day 1/16/11

Hey everyone so I recently painted my nails so I thought I would do a post show you what color! Normally in the fall and winter months I tend to lean towards dark colors like dark blue, dark purple etc... But I thought I would change it up so I actually painted them a pastel pink color. I know it is a big change from the dark colors (I do wear light colors in the spring and summer months) in the winter but I thought I would try it. And it turns out I actually love it because  in the winter for me (because it snows) I lose my tan and I look kind-of pale. But the pink makes me look a little tanner, which sounds weird but I like the way it looks! So if you become pale in the winter try painting your nails a lighter color (I do not know if it will make a change because after all it is only your nails but hey it is worth a try right?)

The color I have on right now is Pink-ing of You by OPI

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave me a comment because I love hearing from all of you!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Covergirl Natureluxe

Hey everyone. I have a review for you all today! It is on the Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm! I have mine in the color 235 Grenache Grenache. In the tube it looks like a browny-pink color, but when I swatch it it looks like a gorgeous pink nude color. It is in-between a lip balm and a lip gloss, hence the name gloss balm! Also, I think it is a little like a lipstick because you can build up the intensity and some are not as sheer as the other colors. When I apply it to my lips it feels like a lip balm but it looks like a gloss but no gooey like some glosses. Do you know when you have a lipgloss on and you get like a white film around the inside of your lips? Well this one doesn't! I love it so much! I have been wearing it everyday and absolutely love it! It gives such a nice sheen to my lips! It smooths out the cracked dry lips and lines so they look and feel smooth to the touch. It is about 6 dollars at the drugstore and in my opinion totally worth it! I would recommend this to anyone because it is a lip balm, lipstick and lipgloss all in one.

with flash

without flash

Hope you enjoyed!


Monday, January 9, 2012

How to: Make a Cinnamon Dolce Lattee (From Starbucks)

Hey everyone! It has been really cold where I live so I have been making such a yummy drink! I thought I would do a post for all of you on how I make it because it is so good. I know this is a makeup blog but I thought it would be fun to do a kind-of different post! What I am making today is a Cinnamon Dolce Lattee (from Starbucks). So I hope you all enjoy and let me know if you like this type of post! 

What you need:

A to-go cup of a mug
A coffee brewer (I am using the Keurig)
Coffee (I am using decaf coffee for the Keurig but any coffee is fine!)
1 cup of milk
3 teaspoons of Sugar
Ground Cinnamon
A microwave
measuring cups

Lets begin:

1. Wash your hands! :)

2. Get all the ingredients out

3. Pour 3/4 of milk in to a measuring cup

4. Scoop 3 teaspoons of brown sugar (or and sugar) and put in the milk 

I put them in this bowl just to show all of you but you do not have to

5. Mix them together until the sugar dissolves into the milk

6. Measure out 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and pour in the milk

7. Stir until the milk turns a darker color

8. If you are brewing the coffee with a Keurig start brewing (only brew half of the cup you are using)

9. Place the milk mixture (cinnamon and sugar) in the microwave for 3 minutes but watch it carefully and make sure it does not boil over (take out right before it bubbles over)

10. Mix the milk (cinnamon and sugar) with the coffee and stir until it is mixed.

11. If you want feel free to add whip cream (I didn't but you can if you want)

12. Drink up, but be careful it is hot!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want more of these type of baking/ cooking post (if so leave me a comment or request on what you want and I will try to do a post) and if you tried this one! 


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nail Polish of the Day 1/7/12

Hey everyone! I just painted my nails with an ELF Nail Polish! It was only a dollar in the color Metal Madness. I love it. It is such a pretty sparkly silver polish and it looks so awesome (I think)! It is a really good color because it is dark but not too dark. Also, it looks so much better on my nails than in the bottle.  I really like the brush on this and the cap because the brush it the perfect size and the cap is rectangular and you will have a lot of  control when you apply it. It was really sheer but once I applied three coats it was opaque and very nice looking. I especially love it because it is silver and sparkly!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what color you have on your nails!


Friday, January 6, 2012


Hey everyone! I want to start off by saying thanks so much for 300 followers! Yayy. I know my posts have been slacking lately and I am sorry but I have been so busy. :( I will try to put up a post at least every other day. If you want to request any ideas for posts let me know so I want to know what you all want to see! So yeah! Thanks so much for 300 followers and have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYX Glitter Liner Review

Hey everyone. I have a review for all of you today! It is on the NYX Glitter Liner in the color Disco Queen. Basically if you love glitter, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! It is a bunch of glitter with all different reflects. I do not normally put this on my lash line per-say, but I put it on my lashes! It makes my look just have a little more sparkle! It makes my eyes pop so much and I think you will all love it! Plus, it is only about 4 dollars! The liner lasts all day. I do not use this everyday just at night of for parties. (If you want a party look tutorial please let me know.) Sorry for the shot review! But I hope this helps.


Monday, January 2, 2012

How to: Chalk Your Hair (Hair Chalking)

Hey everyone! I have a super fun tutorial for all of you! Have you every wanted to dye a streak of your hair a wild color like pink, purple, or yellow? But you don't want to commit to having it for a long time. Well now you can and it will only cost you about 5 dollars (if you already own a curler or flat iron). I love it and it is super fun! It is called Hair Chalking. But we actually are going to use oil pastels! 

What you need:

- a varity pack of oil pastels
- a flat iron or curling iron
- a spray bottle of water


First I recommend you to put on a shirt that is junky and put a towel on your shoulder so you don't ruin your clothes. 

1. Section off your hair half way.

2. If your oil pastels have the paper around them remove it.

3. Take a 1/2 of an inch section of hair and spray it with water

4.  Next take the oil pastel and color the tip of your hair (or the whole thing if you want)

5. Repet steps 1-4 with the next section of hair

6. Brush them out and then flat iron or curl the pieces so it lasts all day (or until the next time you wash your hair)

7. Some of the color comes out on the iron but it is ok because all you have to do it wipe it with a towel or anything you want! 

 I think it is so fun and easy and it looks so cool!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you try it!