Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hey everyone so I went shopping yesterday and bought quite a few things! I went to TJ MAXX (my favorite store because the prices are unbeatable)! Lets jump right into the haul!

Here is everything I bought!

This was my favorite (and most expensive) thing I bought! It is a picture of an old time Glamour Magazine cover!

The picture costs $50 but I think it is totally worth it!

I thought this was adorable and I am going to hang it in my room!!

Its was $6!

This is similar to the other one but the saying is different!

It was also $6!

I went in to TJ MAXX and I told myself that I was going to buy a dress and sure enough a dress is what I bought!

It comes with a black belt but i think im going to buy a thin hot pink or mint colored belt! How cute would that be?!

The dress was $25!

This shirt has an inserted see-through mesh flower lace patter that I am in love with!

It was $13

I love this becuase it is very casual and you can just throw it on with some jean shorts and BAM you're ready to go!

It costs $13

I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS SHIRT!! I love all the different colors especially for spring!

Itwas $15

I saw this when I was walking to the checkout line and I threw it in my cart cause it was adorable and I was hoping that it would fit and I tried it on when I got home and it did!

It was $10

I feel like I am saying that I love every top that I bought but I do!! I like this one because it can be worn two totally different ways! It can be worn like this with a pair of leggings or jeans or.........

It can be worn knotted on the sides with a pair of short!

This is how I knotted it

It cost $13

TREND ALERT TREND ALERT!!! I am obsessed with mint for spring and summer so when I saw these in the store I literally ran to them!!! I have been looking for mint pants since last summer and I finally found them at an affordable price!!! YIPPEE!!! The price tag fell off but I am almost positive they were $19 but I am not positive but I know they were no more than $25!!

I had a pair of jeggings like this but I wore them so much that they got really stretched out and I couldn't wear them anymore so I bought a new pair!

They were only $7 WHAT A STEAL!
 I hope you all enjoy this haul!

P.S. I ordered somethings from ELF and they came in yesterday!! Who wants to see a haul?!


(I bought everything with my own money!!)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hey everyone so I am very excited because I am now on twitter! I would love it if you would follow me! I am going to start tweeting right away so follow me!! Im so excited! My username is @camigmakeup4u2c .

Thanks so much everyone!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Nail Polish of the Day 4/26/13

Hey everyone so spring is here so I decided to get into the spirit by painting my nails a light mint color with bronzy-gold glitter! I love mint and gold so I am currently obsessing over my nails right now!

What are your favorite nail colors?


Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to fix a frizz ball on your head!

Hey everyone so today I have a super simple tip to fix frizz hair because the spring and summer months are approaching and the humid weather is coming! My hair gets so frizzy so I discovered a little trick that really works! Trick is so simple that when I tell you you are going to bang your head against your head and wonder why you did not think of it!

All you need to do to get your hair less frizzy is flat iron your hair the night before. For me I like my hair straight for school so I iron it the night before and then I touch it up in the morning and it stays frizz-free for the whole day! Also, it saves time in the morning because all you have to do is touch it up in the morning and you are done!

I hope you enjoy this tip and if you know why this works let me know because I am curious. I do not know the reason behind this but I do know it works.
(This works on curly or straight hair)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Nail Polish of the Day 4/15/13

Hey everyone! I just painted my nails and I wanted to show you what they look like! I recently bought a bunch of nail polishes so I will probably have a few more of these nail polish of the days coming up soon so I hope you all enjoy them. :)

This nail polish matches my carpet! haha

 I hope you all enjoyed!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey everyone. I have a huge haul! So lets get right into it...

First I went to Walgreens. 

This was a little expensive but it was totally worth it! Its amazing! It cost $12.99.

This cost $3.78

My mom actually suggested I try this so I decided to give it a try. It cost $7.49.

I repurchased this because I love it! It cost $10.49.

Of course I had to buy nail polish because I am obsessed with it! These cost $5.99 each.

The next place I went was Target..again!

This is a finishing spray and it cost $3.99.

I got this to add volume to my hair when I straighten it. It costs $3.99.

I wanted a new heat protectant so I picked this one up. It cost $3.99.

The next thing I bought was a pigment eyeshadow  for $2.74.
Its hard to see the name in this picture but it is called Golden Champagne. 

Let me just start by saying this is so soft! This brush called $6.
I had the mini version of this brush and I love it so I got the bigger version too! It cost $3.

This cost $4.50.

The next stop was MAC.

I have heard so much hype about this powder so I  decided to try it for myself. It was kinda pricey it cost $30.

This next product is so cool! It is a hydrating mist but it has good shimmer in it so when you spray it on your face it puts a little bit of shimmer on your face. It cost $23.

I love MAC eyeshadows so every time I go I like to get a new shadow.  It cost $15.

I went to Marshalls next.

Each nail polish was $3.99.

Next I went to Macy's!

These cost $77.

Then I went to TJ MAXX.

This nail polish costs $3.99.

I went to Forever 21 next.

I hope you all enjoyed this haul!