Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I don't know about you but I can't believe it is 2012, 2011 went by so fast! :) This is a very short post but I wanted to write it! Stay tuned for some new upcoming posts. 

p.s. the reason I did not post in so long was because of the holidays and vacation but I am back and ready to write!


Friday, December 30, 2011

99 Cent Makeup?

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season (I know I am)! So today I webt to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought some stuff so i thought I would do a haul! I did not buy much but I found a really good deal!

So at Sally's they have a little rack with their brand makeup and guess how much each item was.... 99 cents! I could not believe it so I could not resist! I bought two eyeshadows and one gloss. They have a large varity of colors for the shadows and about 7 ish different color glosses.

The first shadow I bought is a bronze shimmery color. It looks darker than it really is but I still like the color is really is! It is a baked eyeshadow so it is a domed shape.

The second eyeshadow is a dark purple/ gray color. Really pretty for the outter corner! And just like the first one it is baked.

I also bought a lipgloss. It us tiny but for 99 cents it is perfect! I love the color because it is a natural pinky color! And this is a little strange but I don't like when a lipglos smells bad (probally like most people) and I love the smell of this! It smells like a MAC lipgloss.

Overall I am really pleased with all of the makeup I bought. I think all of you should go to your nearest Sally's if you have one and try out their products!

P.s. I got my nails done today and I love the color, it is by OPI in the color Russian Navy!

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Smokey Eye!

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing a post on how to achieve a holiday smokey eye that is so simple but looks like you put so much effort in it! I did a silver/ black smokey eye but you can use any colors with the same technique. 


1. Prime your eyes I recommend Two Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Primer Potion.

2. Apply a silver eyeshadow (or whatever color you want) all over the lid. I used Forgery by MAC.

3. Next, apply NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean to the upper lash line (try to make it a little messy)

4. Take a smudge brush or a Q-tip and smudge the liner 

5. Take a liner brush, I am using the MAC 212 brush and the color Nehru by MAC and applying it like top liner (over the NYX Pencil)

6. I am applying a light shimmery eyeshadow from the LA Colors Star Gaze Palette and putting it on my inner corner

7. Apply mascara any will work but the one I have been loving lately is the MAC Zoom Lash and blush (I used Dainty by MAC)! 

8. Now apply gloss I recommend Baby Sparks by MAC or Love Child by MAC 

9. Go Rock Your Beautiful eyes!

Hope you enjoyed and leave request (if you have) in the comments!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to: Fix a Broken/ Cracked Eyeshadow!

Hey everyone. This post is going to be How To Fix A Broken Eyeshadow.  I am very clumsy and always drop my eyeshadow. :( But I found out how to piece them all together really easily! It does not take a lot of time and it really helps because I do not like when I open a cracked eyeshadow and it all spills. (not fun!)

What you need:

-Rubbing alcohol
-A quarter
-the broken eyeshadow
-A knife, spoon, or fork (if you have a metal one use that)
-Plastic bag


1.  Slide your eyeshadow into the bag to the corner of the bag like so

2. Use the back of your knife, spoon or fork and start to crush it into smaller pieces try to keep it on the pan of the shadow though

3. One it is crushed up take it out of the bag and add a few drops of the rubbing alcohol (It won't irritate your eye so don't worry!) I do not recommend using too much because it will take longer to dry!

4. Put your quarter inside the tissue like so

5. Start pressing your shadow to make it flat and all molded together.

6. Let it sit overnight (or for a good 10ish hours, until when you swipe your finger across it powder comes off.) I like to store mine under a dictionary like so (first I put the tissue down, then the quarter then the dictionary on top) I used the book Eclipse because I could not find my dictionary.

I hope you all enjoyed! And leave comments and feedback I love reading them! Let me know if you like these kind or do it yourself posts because I have been doing a lot of them so let me know! 


Monday, December 19, 2011


Hey everyone! I have a post for all of you today on how to make your own lip scrub! I love using lip scrubs for the winter months because my lips always get dry and flaky (eww) and no one wants that! So with this easy way to make a lip scrub we can all avoid dry lips! 

What you will need:

- a container
- sugar (I recommend using natural sugar  NOT Splenda)
- oil
- some sort of spoon or scoop


1. Get all of your ingredients out
2. Get your scoop and scoop out equal parts sugar and oil.

3. Mix them together in the container and them put it in the refrigerator for about an hour

4. Take it out of the refrigerator and then it is finished!


Get some of the scrub on your finger and apply it to your lips in a circular motion! It is super easy!

Hope you all enjoyed!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to tell you how to make your lipstick last longer! It is super simple and quick but really makes a difference! All you need is a lipstick, a powder brush, a tissue and some baby powder! Now you are probably saying to yourself why do I need those things? Well heres why, first you want to apply your lipstick either straight from the tube or with a brush. Then, put the tissue over your lips as if you were going to blot them (but don't). Poor some baby powder on to your powder brush and lightly dust the brush over the tissue! Peal the tissue away and woahla! You have lipstick that will last all day long! It is perfect if you are going to a party or out to lunch or dinner with friends or family or even to work or school! It is a simple step that everyone should add in to their makeup routine! 

Hope you enjoyed and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Review: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat

Hey everyone! Whats up? Today I have a review for all of you! It is on the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat. Recently I ran out of my tresemme heat protectant and I decided to try a new one. I just randomly went to Walgreens and picked one. And let me tell you I am glad it was this one! I love this heat protectant so much. O.k. so this morning I was flat ironing my hair (like usual) and I forgot to put this in and it was really difficult to iron (based on the previous day I have used it). I realized that it was because I did not put the product in and I was like this deserves a review on my blog! So here it is... 

I love this so much! I bought mine at Walgreens for about 7 dollars. It is a spray bottle and let me tell you it makes flat ironing so easy and it de-frizzes my hair! And my hair is naturally straight but it gets frizzy on the top (like most people) but not with this! My hair stayed silky smooth and also the iron went over it so smooth too (I use a red chi if you were wondering). I love this product sooooo much and I highly recommend this to all! The one thing I do not like which is not a big deal is that it does not have a stopper like the tresemme one does but so far it has not leaked (knock on wood!) I hope you all try this out and when you do leave me a comment! Or if you have this leave me a comment  or if you just feel like it leave me a comment! hahaha