Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Want Volume?

Hey everyone. So a while back I did a post, Want Silky Smooth Hair and even though it is great and I still do all the things in the post and use all the same products, I added something else. I love straight and curly hair, but with curly hair you get volume with straight hair it is flat. :(  I love volume, (not like the volume they have in the movie Hairspray but a good amount hahah). Plus this technique is really easy and probably won't cost you any money!

Now some of you might already know this trick and be saying, "Cami, why are you doing a post on this I have been doing this for years." Well some people might not know this and it will be helpful to them (I hope). :) (If you already do this let me know in the comments). 

Everyday I straighten my hair using CHI silk infusion and a CHI iron and it gets really straight but it also gets really flat. Well, this is a post on how to get volume and keep your silky smooth hair! 

What I do after I iron my hair is I plug in my blowdryer (If possible use one with different heat settings or one of those "cool" buttons) 

1. Flip your hair over so it is in front of your face and bend over and tilt your head down (What?!?!) Flip your hair forward :) 

2. Turn on your blowdryer to high and use one of those nozzle things. Focus on the roots and just move it back and forth until you feel your roots and they feel warm.

3. Then either switch the blow dryer to cold or hold the "cool" button (keep your head flipped) Blow the cool air on to the roots until they cool down. Once they have cooled down you can flip your head right side up and smooth it with your fingers and you should have a good amount of volume :)

4. Lastly, I finish with a hairspray, I like the Tresemme climate control because I really see a difference when I use it, my hair is way LESS frizzy and it does not frizz as much throughout the day! :)

I hope this was helpful and it literally takes 1 minute in the morning, it is not a big hol dup but it makes a big difference!

Leave a comment for any requests or just I if you want to comment. 

Oh P.S. Any blowdryer will work I use a Conair and I do not even remember the name so what ever blowdryer you use to dry your hair will work!

I think what I am going to do is choose one nice comment from the previous post and put at the end of the post along with the blog URL so leave your comments. (I love love love reading all of your comments!)



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