Monday, December 5, 2011

NPOTD (Nail Polish of the Day)

Hey everyone. I don't know about you but I am constantly changing my nail polish and the colors. I love to have a different color on my nails a lot. Right when they chip I take off the color and put a new one on. Also, I do not get my nails done often because I think it looks fine when I do it my self. Plus it saves money! :) 

O.k. so now that I just rambled on for so long about polish, what this post is really about is when I change the color of my nails I will do a post and take a picture of them (if you all want me to let me know) and just say why I like the color and where I bought it. (P.s. I have all different brands, from elf to sinful colors to OPI and Essie, a wide variety.) Also, I think it would be really cool if you guys do this too and then when you make a new post on your NOTD let me know in the comments of my most recent post and I will check it out and comment! (I do not know if people out there already do this NOTD but I have not seen this so I am not try to copy you if you already do this). 

So now this is the color of my nails:

I used the color Hypnostise by Rimmel

I am sorry this pic is a little blurry but I tried taking it like 10 times and it looked just as blurry :(

Let me know if you like these posts because if you do I will do more if not I won't. 


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