Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All About My Hair- Tag

Hey everyone. I am going to do a tag called All About My Hair.

1. When was the first time you got your hair cut? 

I was two years old.

2. When was the first time you got your hair colored, highlighted, ect.

NEVER! I do not color nor do I highlight my hair.

3. What is one hair product you can't live with out?

Argon Oil, I put this in my hair before I blow dry it and before I flat iron or just when it is wet and I let it air dry. It keeps the frizz to a minimum which is fantastic!

4.  What is a hair product you regret buying?

I regret buying the Chi Straight Guard. It is a blow dry heat protectant but it was kind of expensive and I think the tresemme heat protectant works the exact same (I can't tell the difference) so I still use the Chi but I regret spending the $20 or however much it was on it when the tressemme one is like $3.

5. What color do you want to dye your hair next?

I don't plan on dying my hair. Maybe when it turns grey but that is a long time from now. But if I do dye my hair in the near future, I will post about it but I don't plan on dying my hair.

6. What is the next hair product you really want to buy?

I don't know I am really happy with my haircare routine at the moment so I don't think I need anything.

7. What is a hyped up product that never worked for you?

The things that I did not like weren't really products that were given a lot of hype. The only product that I have used that was give a lot of hype is Moroccan/ Argon Oil but I love it!

8. What do you think about extensions?

I personally don't use them but if the person wearing them makes them blend in well with their hair then I think they are fine like the clip in ones or if they get them done in the salon then I think they are ok but I do not like when someone has brown hair for example and they are wearing black extensions. I do not like it that way. (I like bright and fun colored extensions but only like one or two at a time or else it is too much I think)

9. What is one hair care rule you never follow?

Not brushing your hair with a brush when it is wet. I try to use a wide tooth comb but I alway forget and end up using the brush.

10. Do you use vitamins to improve the health of your hair?

No I just eat a healthy diet.

11. Who is your hair idol?

I love Jennifer Lopez's hair when it is in the loose curls! I think it is so pretty and I have been trying to figure out how to do them so if you know please tell me in the comments!

I hope you all enjoyed this tag and I would love to hear your answers to the questions! I tag EVERYONE!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Got Nominated!

Hey everyone. I was nominated from an award. Thank you stylechoice for nominating me! 

1. Link back to whoever nominated you.
2. Write 9 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 9 bloggers.
4. Let everyone know when you nominate them. (Leave a comment on their blog, email them, etc.)
5. Make up 9 questions for them to answer.
6. Answer the questions that have been given to you.

9 Facts About Me:
1. My name is Cami
2. My Birthday is in the Spring time
3. I am a Vegan
4. I love makeup and fashion
5. I have recently started boxing and it is so much fun
6. I love to read
7. My most played song on itunes is Uptown Girl by Billy Joel
8. I love to paint my nails
9. My favorite colors are pink and glitter

Questions I have to Answer:

1. Do you have any pets?
Yes one dog

2. What got you into blogging?

I have a passion for makeup and fashion so I wanted somewhere to share it and I found blogger

3. Whats your favourite summer makeup or fashion trend for the summer?

I love Maxi dresses

4. Other than beauty/fashion, what are your hobbies?

Running and talking (I don't know if talking is a hobby)

5. Can you sing? Be honest ;-)

No I cannot sing

6. What are your must have shoes for the summer?

Flip flops

7. Whats your favourie summer scent?

DKNY Red Be Delicious

8. Who's your favourite singer?

I don't have one I like a lot of singers

9. Whats your favourite musical?

I love hairspray

Questions for others to answer:

1. Do you have a middle name?
2. Who got you started with makeup?
3. Which would you chose beauty or fashion?
4. Who is your favorite fashion designer?
5. What is your favorite TV show of all time?
6. Would you rather wear no makeup or have to do your makeup with your eyes closed (and go out in public for a whole day)?
7. What was your first job? (if you did not have one yet where do you want your first job to be)
8. What is your favorite food?
9. Straight hair or curly hair?

People I nominate:

Anyone that wants to do this because I would love to hear your answers and I think everyones blog is unique and deserves to get this award!

I hope you enjoy!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tag! What's Your Makeup Style?

Hey everyone. I wanted to do a tag today and I found this one so I decided to do it! I hope you enjoy.

1. EEK! You’ve got five minutes to do your makeup for a date. What’s your minimum?

Concealer, tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara

2. Pick a trend—crazy cat eyeliner, super hot pink blush, or feathered false lashes?

Crazy Cat Eyeliner because I think it looks cool sometimes but I personally would not wear it everyday

3. If you had to either give up all makeup for two months or give up your skincare for a week, which would you pick?

I would give up makeup because skin care is so important

4. What beauty products are always in your purse?

Lipgloss and a pressed powder

5. Are there any beauty products that you keep coming back to throughout the years?

MAC Blushes

6. Smoky eyes or red lips?

Red Lips because I think they are really pretty with a really simple eye

7. Lipstick or lipgloss?


8. Are there any products that you never expected to like but ended up loving?

Wet n Wild Eyeshadows I did not expect to like them at first but ended up loving them!

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag! If you want to do it go for it!


    OOTD A Night With the Family

    Hey everyone. I went out to dinner with my family today and I liked what I was wearing so I wanted to do a post on it. Let me know what you think of it!

    Top: TJ Maxx
    Bottoms: By the Brand Flying Monkey
    Shoes: Just plain black Havanans 

    I hope you enjoy these OOTDs because I love to make them and hear all of your comments!


    Friday, June 22, 2012

    Nail Polish of the Day

    Hey everyone. I decided to paint my nails a cobalt blue color. I painted them in the color midnight blue by Sinful Colors. Usually I do not paint my nails a darker color in the summer but I really wanted to paint my nails this color so I did. 

    I hope you enjoyed!


    Some Random Pictures

    Hey everyone. Today I took some pictures that I thought I would show you. There is no really reason for this I just felt like sharing them with you!

    This is a large unsweetened iced tea (if you were wondering)

    I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want more posts like this where I take a bunch of pictures and then show you them.


    What is your...

    Hey everyone! So I was wondering....

    What is your favorite post to write and what is your favorite post to read?

    I love to make all of the posts but I especially love to read hauls and OOTD because I love seeing everyones style.

    Let me know your answer in the comments!


    Chit Chat With Cami 2

    Hey everyone. It was such a nice day that I went outside to read my magazine and I decided to get my computer and write a Chit Chat with Cami post. I put sunscreen on and decided to soak up the sunlight and just chill today. I love the summer and I love the sunlight. I hope I get a little tan. I have my floppy hat on right now so my face does not burn. I hope everyone is having a good day and a happy summer so far! Sorry for the short post but I kind-of want to get back to my magazine ahah.

    I got this photo from:


    How I store my Nail Polishes

    Hey everyone. So I wanted to do a post on how I store my nail polishes. I keep them in color order. I have all the red together all the oranges together and the yellows and so on... I love nail polishes and I hope to grow my collection.

    How do you organize your nail polishes?


    Tip of the Day

    Hey everyone. I have a tip of the day for all of you today!

    If you are out of makeup remover you can use baby wipes. Also, if you get a makeup stain on your clothes! How great! You should totally keep a pack of baby wipes in your house just in case! 

    I hope this was helpful!



    Hey everyone. Today I went and got my nails done professionally at the salon (I have not gotten them done in about 6 months). I got them painted in the color Kiss on the Chic by OPI. I love the color and I thought I would show you how they look.

    I have been loving light pink colors (which is why the last two times I painted my nails were light pink)


    How to Keep Your Body and Skin Safe in The Summer

    Hey everyone. It is really important to keep your skin and body healthy during the summer.

    The first thing to do is wear SPF you want to protect your skin from the harmful rays from the sun. If you don't wear sunscreen, you have the chance of getting skin cancer later in your life and that is not good.

    The next thing is to avoid tanning oil. All this will do is roast and burn your skin, let your body get tan naturally, it will do it all by itself, you don't need tanning oil because it will just harm you in the long run.

    Next, DRINK WATER! The last thing you want to happen is to be dehydrated. It can get very hot some days so you want to make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated.

    Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's rays.

    This season, floppy hats are in so go and buy yourself one because they really do protect your face from the sun.

    I hope you enjoyed!


    My Obsession with Cashews!

    Hey everyone! So I have never been a big junk food eater because I try to stay healthy but lately I have been wanting something salty but healthy. I love Cashews! I eat about a 1/4 cup a day. They are good because they are healthy and so yummy! The only thing is that they have some natural fats in them so they are good if you have a little at a time like 1/4 cup a day. You should not eat too much because they do have some fat in them. But on the other hand, if you are eating cookies and chips all day and them decide to eat nuts instead, I think it is a better choice. I have been in love with Cashews. I went to Costco and bought a big container of Cashews! So it was kind-of a random post but I thought I would share with you because I love them!

    Also, if you are going to the movies or watching a movie and want something salty instead of popcorn or chips, eat some cashews. But try not to eat more than 1/4 cup.

    I hope you enjoyed and do you have a favorite salty healthy snack? 


    My Everyday Summer Makeup

    Hey everyone. In the summer I like to keep my makeup lighter so I do not wear concealer or foundation. I have really bad dark circles and with this makeup routine it covers them and it does not feel like I am wearing a lot of makeup. I am going to show you what products I use in the summer for my everyday makeup routine.

    First I moisturize with SPF

    If my dark circles look bad sometimes I use this corrector

    I use Hard Candy Sheer Envy Tinted Moisturizer next and apply ir with a blending wedge

    I use my finger and apply this under my eyes and on my blemishes (when I have them)

    Depending on how I feel I sometimes use translucent powder and sometimes I do not

    Next I use blush

    Then Bronzer

    I use this on my eyebrows

    I use waterproof mascara

    I hope you enjoyed and this is what I do everyday and it takes about 2 minutes if I rush and 4 if I take my time. I do not like to wear eyeshadow during the day in the summer unless I feel like wearing color but at night I almost always wear eyeshadow if I am going out. 


    How to Clean Makeup Brushes (Part 2)

    Hey everyone. So I just did a post on how I clean my makeup brushes on a daily basis but I also deep clean my brushes once a week. I do this to ensure that there is no bacteria on my brushes because none wanted to but bacteria on their face. I deep clean my brushes once a week and spot clean them daily but if you spot clean the brushes daily you can get away with deep cleaning them every other week. How do I deep clean my brushes? It is very simple, all you need is a sink and baby shampoo (I use Johnson and Johnson). What I do is put the tip of the brush under the sink and them I put a little bit of the shampoo in my hand and swirl the brush in it. When all the color is out of the brush, I put the brush back under the faucet and rinse out all of the shampoo. Once the brush is clean I lay it down flat on a paper towel overnight to dry.

    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Step 3:

    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    Hope you enjoyed!


    How to Clean Makeup Brushes (Part 1)

    Hey everyone. So I was just about to clean my makeup brushes and I realized that some people might not clean their makeup brushes or might not know how to... so I thought I would do a post telling you how I keep my brushes clean. 

    So the first thing I do is called Spot Cleaning, which is where you clean the brush right on the spot (hence the name). I lay out all of the brushes I plan to use for the day and I use them and keep them out so them when I am done with my makeup I clean all the brushes to keep them sanitized! So you might be asking how do you spot clean makeup brushes?... and the answer to that is, it is very simple. All you need is a brush cleaner and a paper towel or tissue. I like to use a paper towel because they are thicker but it is what ever you prefer if you use a paper towel you can not apply too much pressure to the brush or else the bristle might fray a little so I would recommend starting with a tissue. Then as for cleaner, I found one at Harmons called the Daily Cosmetic Brush Cleaner but any spray brush cleaner is fine. So what I do is spray a spray of the brush cleaner on to the paper towel them rub the brush in it until all of the color is out of the brush.

    Step 1:

     Step 2: 
     Step 3:

    This brush is clean it is just a little stained

    I will be posting how I deep clean my brushes next so stay tuned!


    Nail Polish of the Day 6/22/12

    Hey everyone. I painted my nails and I thought I would show you all the color! I love it because it is a light color so it makes me look a little tanner! I love pastels and brights for the summer time! I painted my nails in the color Ballet Slippers by Essie.

    Hope you enjoyed!


    Monday, June 18, 2012

    Review: Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara

    Hey everyone. So recently I was apply this clear mascara to my eyebrows and my sister looked at me with the expression like, "What are you putting on your eyebrows?" I realized she was confused so I explained to her that it keeps my eyebrows in place.

    I bought it at Walgreens but almost any drugstore has it. I have gone through about 5 bottles within the past 2 years! I use this daily and never thought much of it but I guess some people might think it is strange or might not know about it (like my sister). This has become a staple in my everyday makeup routine. It does not get flakey or anything which is good because some clear mascaras do. Also, if I do not feel like putting on black mascara or am going to the pool or ocean, I will use this in its place. I love this clear mascara. 

    If you know of any products that you want me to review let me know and I will try to get it an review it for all of you.

    I hope you enjoyed!


    Saturday, June 16, 2012

    Clothing Haul!

    Hey everyone! So I went shopping today and I thought I would do a haul on what I bought. I was looking for some PJ pants so I went into Old Navy because I knew they had some cute PJ shorts for the summer. I went in looking for PJ shorts and came out of the store with a bunch of things. I decided to show you all what I bought because I think they are trendy and I wanted to let you know so you can stop off if you want and look for your self. Also, the clothing was pretty reasonably priced! I usually don't go to Old Navy but I was really surprised at the good things they had there!

    When I saw these shorts I fell in love! I think they are so adorable for summer.

    I have been wanting a pair of colored denim because I think they are so cute!

    I like this top to just wear with some jean shorts (it looks cute in person, but for some reason it did not photograph well)

    I like the color of this top a lot I plan to do an outfit of the day with this and how I would wear it

    This was one of the PJ shorts I bought

    I love Mini Mouse because it is girly and I think it is cute

    I am obsessed with Sun Glasses and I love these because they are cat eye they were $9.95. 

    I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what your favorite thing was!