Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chit Chat With Cami! #1

Hey everyone! So a little while I did a post asking you what I should call my random blog posts and someone recommended Chit Chat With Cami and I thought it was such a great name! So here is my first Chit Chat With Cami!

So I sat down at my computer thinking about what I wanted to post about and I kindof just wanted to babble about things. So I thought that is what I am going to do! 

So lately I have been feeling a little under the weather. :( My throat has been hurting so I am sitting here writing this post and sipping on some tea! Now I usually don't drink much tea but it feels really good on my throat! (Do you drink tea when you are sick?) For some reason I always tend to get sick when the season changes from Spring to Summer, I remember getting a cold last year around this time too; weird huh?

So enough about my being sick.... So I went shopping this past weekend and I got two tops that I am in love with! Also, I was outside a lot this weekend, and I now can see a little bit of a tan line. I love to get a little tan in the summer (but always wear sunscreen!) 

I have recently fallen in love with jogging and running. I always liked to workout but now since where I live, the weather is getting nicer and warmer, I have been loving going outside and just jogging around! 

OMG! So i am drinking the tea while I am writing this and it makes my throat feel sooo good! (I thought I would just add that to the post because that is what came to my mind!)

So... What else can I talk to you all about?

Oh! So last weekend I treated my self to a pedicure (I usually just paint my out toe nails but I thought I would treat myself) And I read Instyle while I got them painted the color Kiss Me on The Chic I think it was called by OPI. I love the color and it was so relaxing getting my toes done and reading a magazine!

Another thing is that one of my face products is breaking me out so I have been determined to find out what it is and when I do, I will do a post about it because I usually do not break out very easily but something is breaking me out! :(

So I think that is it for today and sorry it is a little scatter brained but I just wrote what popped into my mind! I hope you liked this type of post and I was thinking that maybe if you have some questions that you want me to answer, you can leave them below and I would be more than happy to answer them in my next "Chit Chat with Cami!"

Hope you enjoyed! 



  1. I agree tea does feel good on your throat when sick! Jogging and running have become an everyday thing for me since the weather has gotten warmer. <3

  2. Hey! :) I nominated you for The Laine Blogger Award on my blog!

  3. Your Blog Is fabulous! I loved this post. Following You :)

  4. Hi girl!
    Thanks for following my blog. I follow you back now.