Monday, May 30, 2011

Tip of the day 5/30/11

Hi everyone. This is another tip of the day!!!

It is:

  If you have large pores, every morning, when you get ready to apply makeup rub an ice cube all over your face. Then, clean and dry your face and your face should now look and feel tighter.

Hope this was helpful!

- Cami G

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation REVIEW

Hi everyone. This is going to be a review of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I would like to start off by saying there is a large range of shades so everyone will find a color. I bought mine at Walgreens for $8. This is a liquid foundation. I put this on with my mac 187 brush which is a duo fiber brush and it blended it very nicely. This was very liquidly so you do not need a lot at all. I was a little shocked when I first saw it in the store because it was so small! I bought it, and because it is so liquidly, and you do not need a lot so you will have the foundation for a while. This also has a SPF 18.

Now, for the staying power, it stays on really well. I put mac Prep + Prime Skin (it was a sample) before I applied the foundation and it lasted for about 8 hours!!! 

The foundation blended very well, and it did not settle into any of my pores. It made my skin look flawless (not to brag or anything, hahaha). I pressed the foundation in to my skin with a damp blending wedge so it looks more natural and less like a mask. It blends well and applies well too.

I like this foundation a lot because it is inexpensive and it also looks good on my skin. I did NOT breakout from this but that is just me (so you might have a different result so just keep that in mind). I think this is a very good foundation for the price. I would not recommend using a flat foundation brush (like the mac 190 brush). I would recommend using a duo fiber or a flat top brush to apply so it does not become streaky and blotchy! 

I would recommend this product if you use the tips and techniques I gave to you!

Hope this review was helpful.

- Cami G

Tip of the day 5/29/11

Hi everyone. I have a tip of the day! 

It is: 

  If you are out of eyeliner use your mascara and apply with an eyeliner brush, looks just like liquid eyeliner it will last all day!

Hope this was helpful!

- Cami G

Friday, May 27, 2011

Elf Plumping Lip Glaze review

Hi everyone. I have a review on the elf (eyeslipsface) lip plumping glazes. These can be found at some target stores or online at for $1. I have 6 different colors which are Oasis, Plum Pout, Peach Passion, Ruby Kiss, Fire Coral, and Baby Doll. Out of all of them I like baby doll the best for day because it is a light natural pink; and I like Ruby Kiss the best for night because it is a red! I am not trying to say that they are not pretty colors those are just the ones I like the best for me and my skin tone! These lip glosses are double sided. One side has the color and the other side has the clear plumping gloss. First, you put the color on your lips and then you put the clear in the middle of your lips or all over! These have a minty smell which I enjoy because it makes my breath smell minty (and who doesn't like that???). They sting your lips a little bit (it does not hurt it just feels weird) but they really do not plump that much (I have not see a difference and I have been using them for about a month now!). I am okay with them not plumping because I did not expect them to, and plus it was a $1! I really like these lip glosses and the staying power is good because I put them on at about 7:00AM and they last until about 10:00 AM or 10:30AM! When I put my lips together at 10:00 I still feel the gloss but it feels like it is coming off. I think these products are amazing because they are $1 and they last about 4 hours! If you are looking for a lip gloss that plumps your lips this is not it, but if you are looking for a good priced lipgloss that lasts long, buy the Elf plumping lip glaze.

Elf plumping lip glazes

This is in the color Baby Doll (my favorite for the day!)

This is in the color Oasis

This is in the color Plum Pout

This is in the color Peach Passion

This is in the color Fire Coral

This is in the color Ruby Kiss (my favorite for night)

(The color of what the picture looks like it the real color on the website the colors do not match the product!!!!)

Hope this review was helpful.

- Cami G

Tip of the Day 5/27/11

Hi everyone. I have another tip of the day! 

To minimize the pain when tweezing, pluck right after showering when your hair follicles are more open. Your hair will slide out more easily.

Hope this tip was helpful!!!

-Cami G

Physician's Forumla custom eye enhancing gel cream liner REVIEW

Hi everyone. I have a review today on the Physician's Forumla custom eye enhancing gel cream liner. These are so cool because they have different colors for your eyes. They have one for blue eyes, green eyes (which is the one I have), and also hazel eyes. As I said I have the one for green eyes and that will be the one I am reviewing. The one for green eyes is called Glam Green Eyes. It has three colors that enhance your eye color. They stack on top of each other (it makes it very easy to store) but they also can be separated. The one for green eyes has a light purple color, a metallic silver with gold and green shimmer, and also a black with a little shimmer! The box says that they last for 24 hours! I would not be able to prove that true because I always take my makeup off at night before bed. I did wear this for 12 hours though and it did not budge! They are not too creamy so they stay on when you sweat pretty well. The one I have been using the most is the purple because I think it looks really pretty for day time. The black is a close second though! I haven't really worn the silver one very much yet because I don't really know what color eyeshadow I should wear it with. I bought mine at Harmon's for $8. They are normally $9 but at Harmon's they had a dollar off for Physician's Formula. Even if you buy them for the $9 dollars it is totally worth it because there are three eye liners! If you think of it most single eyeliners are about $10 at a drugstore! I really love this product and I think it is amazing! I am really in to the cream/gel eyeliners. 

I apply this with either an angled liner brush or with a bent liner brush because I feel that those brushes give me the thinest and most natural looking line! These eyeliners glide on so smoothly and easily. The glitter is so fine that it does not make it hard to apply. 

You might be saying to yourself right now, I don't want shimmery eyeliner. 

When you put it on your eyes you really do not see the shimmer that much, I am not going to say you don't see it at all because you see it a little. The shimmer is what really makes your eyes sparkle and look more of what ever color eyes you have! 

In conclusion, I totally recommend these eyeliners to everyone because they have different custom ones for all eye colors.

Hope this review was helpful!!!

This is what they look like stacked up

This is what they look like separated

- Cami G

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi everyone! I really am curious if any of you want me to try out a product to buy and review and talk about because I really want to do some more reviews. If you do not have an account, to comment on this post, feel free to email me at with any requests. I look forward to seeing your requests!

-Cami G

Tip of the Day 5/26/11

Hi everyone. I have another tip of the day. So imagine when you get a stain on your clothes at a restaurant or dance. You are so upset because it is a big and noticeable stain. Well, don't worry because I have a tip that will help you!

Grab some club soda and press it into the stain. Sprinkle some salt on top and let it sit and soak up the stain for a few minutes then just wipe it away!

Hope this tip was helpful!

- Cami G

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elf Complexion Perfection

Hi everyone. This is going to be a review of the elf complexion perfection. This can be found at target for $3. I just wanted to start off by saying I LOVE this product. I have been using this everyday for about 5 months. I hit pan on this product and am almost out! When I finish this I will definitely repurchase it. It has four colors, yellow, blue, green, and pink. When you swirl your brush in them they turns white. This is supposed to correct any imperfections on your face like red spots or yellow tones. I also like to use this as a translucent setting powder to my foundation or tinted moisturizer. I love this powder because it keeps my makeup in place all day and it also keeps me from getting oily throughout the day! You cannot just use one of the colors on your face because they have to work in conjunction. I love this product and it is totally affordable because it is $3! Hope this review was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at

This is the packaging that it comes in

As you can see I have hit pan on this and also the four different colors

- Cami G

Tinted Moisterizer

Hi everyone. I am so happy the weather is getting warmer and the sun is coming out! This is good and bad. It is good because now you can get that summer glow everyone wants! It is bad because no it is really hot and your makeup will sweat off your face! Foundation is way to thick and will melt off quickly! For the warmer months you should switch to a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. This will not sweat off your face and if there is an SPF it to protect your face from the harmful rays of the sun.

I am really liking the Elf tinted moisturizer. The coverage is sheer to light. It is not a lot of coverage but it works for me! This can be found at target for $1! That is an amazing deal because it is good quality and most of the other drugstore tinted moisturizer are about $10. I love the elf tined moisturizer because it has SPF 15. This tinted moisturizer is amazing!!! (if you do not get the elf tinted moisturizer than consider getting a different brand one for the summer months) This tinted moisturizer does has kind of a lemony and citrusy smell but it is not to strong for me. If you buy it and worst case you do not like it, it is only a dollar!!!!! I love this and I hope this review was helpful!!!!

This looks small but you do not need a lot at all so it will last you a long time!

- Cami G

TIp of the day 5/25/11

Hi everyone. I have another tip of the day! It is:

You should get rid of your lipstick in 1 year, eye makeup 3 months, blush 6 months, and nail polish 2 years 

This way your face stays clean and your makeup stays clean and fresh!

Hope this was helpful!

- Cami G 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tip of the Day

Hi everyone. I have another tip of the day! 

The tip is never use your eyelash curler after applying your mascara! Always use it before or you may pull out your eyelashes!

Hope this tip was helpful!

-Cami G

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oil-free eye makeup remover by Neutrogena

Hi everyone. This is going to be a review of the Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover. This can be found at any drugstore that carries Neutrogena products. This is my third or forth bottle of this makeup remover! I love this eye makeup remover because it gets all of my makeup off including waterproof eyeliner and mascara. This bottle contains 3.8 FL OZ. The price can range anywhere from $6 to $8 depending on where you buy it. All I do to use it is I wet a cotton pad and place it on my eyes for 10 seconds and then wipe my makeup away and all of my makeup is off! This makeup remover is my favorite because it takes all of my makeup off! This product is totally worth the money because it does not sting my eyes. I have very sensitive eyes and most makeup removers do, but this one does not. Hope this review was helpful!

- Cami G

Elf makeup mist and set

Hi everyone. This is going to be a review of the elf makeup mist and set. I bought this at target for $3. This can also be purchased on their website I love the brand elf because it is good makeup for very inexpensive. I have a lot of the other elf makeup products so I was at target and saw this product and I said why not. I opened this bottle when I got home and the smell was terrible! I did not even put this on my face the first time I opened it. I thought I would never use it because the smell was so bad. I finally tried this on my face but them I washed it off because I could not stand the smell. I do not like this particular product from elf. It might just be my bottle that smells bad but I think they all smell like that. It kind off smells like wet paint mixed with chemicals. Personally, I do not recommend this particular elf product because the smell was so atrocious. I hope this review of the elf makeup mist and set was helpful!

-Cami G

Tip of the Day

Hi everyone. I was thinking of doing these "Tip of the Days" to give you some tips and tricks. I will give a new helpful hint everyday to help if you need. You may or may not know some of these but I feel it will be helpful to those just starting out with makeup of for those of you who want to improve your skills. So here is my first Tip of the Day:

When applying your mascara keep your mouth open! This will minimize blinking making it easier for you to apply your mascara.

Hope this tip was helpful and I hope you like these Tip of the Day posts!

- Cami G

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Hi everyone. This is going to be a review of the Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. Before I apply concealer everyday I put this under my eyes and it takes the puffiness out of them. Over time this says it diminishes under eye circles. The metal ball at the top gets cold and feels really refreshing on my eye. I got this at Walgreens for $13. This is a little pricey but totally worth it. This really wakes me up in the morning. This is an amazing product. I think it is totally worth it. Hope this was helpful.

- Cami G

Maybelline Color Sensation Lip stain

Hi everyone. This post will be a review of the Maybelline Color Sensation Lip stain. This can be found at most drugstore. I found mine at my local Walgreens for $7.50. In my opinion this is NOT worth the money. I have mine in the color Wink of Pink. It is a hot pink and does stain your lips but it is hard to apply. When you try to put it on your lips the color is very patchy and I do not like it. You do not get a clean application because sometimes you get a lot of product and others none. This is not good for a day to day basis because the color is so bright. It might be good if you are going to be on stage but I have never tried it on stage so I can't really be 100% certain it will work. I wanted to try this product a while back because it looked interesting. I have tried so many ways to apply it, I tried without lip conditioner and also with. I have tried using the tip, also the side. And no matter what I try it all looks the same. I really wanted to like this product because the smell is amazing, but it really just does not work for me. In addition, if you go outside of the lip lines it is very hard to take off of your skin. Just keep that in mind. Personally I think this product is a waste of money and totally not worth the $7 dollars. But, if there is a deal and you really want to try it out I recommend choosing a color one shade lighter than the color on the bottle because the color on the bottle is lighter than the product. Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions about this product I will be happy to answer them.

-Cami G

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Hi everyone. This is a review of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This can be found at Sephora and Ulta and a couple of other places. I got mine at Sephora for $18. This product goes on your eyelid before you put shadows on and it makes the colors more vibrant and it also prevents the shadows from creasing. It goes on clear. This bottle will last a long time if you use it sparingly. I like this product a lot and also a makeup artist recommended it to me when she did my makeup. The only thing that I do not like about this product is the bottle because it is an odd shape and product collects in the groves. When you think you have finished it, you really did not. If you cut the bottle open and take the rest of the product out you have a lot left over. I really like this product but it does tend to get annoying when you have to cut the bottle open. In my opinion, this is a very good product because I do see a difference if I wear my eyeshadows without it because they crease a lot more. I think $18 for this product is a little crazy, but if you do wear a lot of eyeshadow I think it is worth it. Hope this review was helpful.

-Cami G

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Nail Polish Colors

Hi everyone. This post will be of my favorite spring nail polish colors. They are all pastel colors because I think pastels are the pretties for spring. For example, light pinks and purples are my favorite. If you go to a nail salon to get your nails done I also think french manicures are really pretty for spring because they give your hand the clean and natural look. Personally, I do not like super dark colors in spring I do for winter just not spring. Here is a picture of my favorite nail polishes for spring.

These are my favorite spring nail polishes

This color is a beautiful pastel purple color by Essie called "lilacism"

This polish is by the brand elf or and is in the color "innocent"

This next color is by OPI and it is called "Pink-ing of You" (it is a little more of a bubble gum pink than the picture shows)

This color is by Sinful Colors and is a light pink called "Glass Pink"

This bottle got worn out and I can't really make out the name but I think it is by the brand maybelline and in the color "glass slipper" (this polish is so old I do not even know if they still make it)

This is another color by elf and is a mint green color called "mint cream" (sorry the bottle looks dirty I accidentally got some of the polish on the bottle)

I love all of these colors and switch between them for the whole season. At the moment I have Pink-ing of You by OPI on my finger nails and Essie's lilacism on my toes. Those were the nail polishes that I wear during spring. Until next time!

-Cami G

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Face Primer

Hi everyone. Today I will be reviewing a product that I just recently bought at Target. This product is the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Primer. It was $12 and in my opinion totally worth it. I got a sample of the mac face primer a while back and this one compares to the mac! There is 30 Ml or 1 FL OZ in this bottle. Even though it is designed for women who are on the older side, it works wonders for all ages including myself! The application is so smooth and feels amazing on my skin. It has a pump application so you do not have to worry about bacteria in the bottle. The staying power is really good. I do not really know how to describe the scent but it is not nauseating and is not over powering. Just remember, scents are personal so something that smells good to me might not to you. This product does not really have a smell though. After applying this to your skin wait five minutes before applying foundation and concealer. I would recommend this to all ages and it is one of the less expensive side but it really works! Hope this review was helpful! 

- Cami G

Mac Fix+

Hi everyone. I will be reviewing mac fix+ today. I bought this product with my own money. This was $19 either at the mac store or at Fix+ is a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber. This is a mist that you spray on and it refreshes your skin. Fix+ is a multi-purpose product that you can use to wet eye shadows or just set makeup. Personally I like it to set my makeup but once in a while I will use it to wet my eye shadows. The bottle contains 3.4 US FL OZ. I love this product because after a whole day of having my makeup on I just spray this on my face and I am ready for the night! Once I finish this bottle I will definitely repurchase this product. I think this product is a good a investment because it makes your makeup last longer and look refreshed. Hope this review was helpful and keep looking back for more reviews. (as you can see in the picture I have used about half of the bottle and I really like this product)

-Cami G

Hello Everyone!!!!!

Hi everyone. I am so excited to have a beauty blog. I will talk about all things makeup and girly on this blog. I love makeup and will review products. I will say my honest opinions about the makeup, if I like the product I will say so. If I do not like the product, I will tell you not to waste your money. If you want to send me a request to review a product, I will try my best to get my hands on it and put a review up for all of you. Also, If you are a company that wants me to review your product please email me at Thanks for reading! 

-Cami G