Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensation Lip stain

Hi everyone. This post will be a review of the Maybelline Color Sensation Lip stain. This can be found at most drugstore. I found mine at my local Walgreens for $7.50. In my opinion this is NOT worth the money. I have mine in the color Wink of Pink. It is a hot pink and does stain your lips but it is hard to apply. When you try to put it on your lips the color is very patchy and I do not like it. You do not get a clean application because sometimes you get a lot of product and others none. This is not good for a day to day basis because the color is so bright. It might be good if you are going to be on stage but I have never tried it on stage so I can't really be 100% certain it will work. I wanted to try this product a while back because it looked interesting. I have tried so many ways to apply it, I tried without lip conditioner and also with. I have tried using the tip, also the side. And no matter what I try it all looks the same. I really wanted to like this product because the smell is amazing, but it really just does not work for me. In addition, if you go outside of the lip lines it is very hard to take off of your skin. Just keep that in mind. Personally I think this product is a waste of money and totally not worth the $7 dollars. But, if there is a deal and you really want to try it out I recommend choosing a color one shade lighter than the color on the bottle because the color on the bottle is lighter than the product. Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions about this product I will be happy to answer them.

-Cami G

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