Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Nail Polish Colors

Hi everyone. This post will be of my favorite spring nail polish colors. They are all pastel colors because I think pastels are the pretties for spring. For example, light pinks and purples are my favorite. If you go to a nail salon to get your nails done I also think french manicures are really pretty for spring because they give your hand the clean and natural look. Personally, I do not like super dark colors in spring I do for winter just not spring. Here is a picture of my favorite nail polishes for spring.

These are my favorite spring nail polishes

This color is a beautiful pastel purple color by Essie called "lilacism"

This polish is by the brand elf or and is in the color "innocent"

This next color is by OPI and it is called "Pink-ing of You" (it is a little more of a bubble gum pink than the picture shows)

This color is by Sinful Colors and is a light pink called "Glass Pink"

This bottle got worn out and I can't really make out the name but I think it is by the brand maybelline and in the color "glass slipper" (this polish is so old I do not even know if they still make it)

This is another color by elf and is a mint green color called "mint cream" (sorry the bottle looks dirty I accidentally got some of the polish on the bottle)

I love all of these colors and switch between them for the whole season. At the moment I have Pink-ing of You by OPI on my finger nails and Essie's lilacism on my toes. Those were the nail polishes that I wear during spring. Until next time!

-Cami G

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