Friday, May 27, 2011

Physician's Forumla custom eye enhancing gel cream liner REVIEW

Hi everyone. I have a review today on the Physician's Forumla custom eye enhancing gel cream liner. These are so cool because they have different colors for your eyes. They have one for blue eyes, green eyes (which is the one I have), and also hazel eyes. As I said I have the one for green eyes and that will be the one I am reviewing. The one for green eyes is called Glam Green Eyes. It has three colors that enhance your eye color. They stack on top of each other (it makes it very easy to store) but they also can be separated. The one for green eyes has a light purple color, a metallic silver with gold and green shimmer, and also a black with a little shimmer! The box says that they last for 24 hours! I would not be able to prove that true because I always take my makeup off at night before bed. I did wear this for 12 hours though and it did not budge! They are not too creamy so they stay on when you sweat pretty well. The one I have been using the most is the purple because I think it looks really pretty for day time. The black is a close second though! I haven't really worn the silver one very much yet because I don't really know what color eyeshadow I should wear it with. I bought mine at Harmon's for $8. They are normally $9 but at Harmon's they had a dollar off for Physician's Formula. Even if you buy them for the $9 dollars it is totally worth it because there are three eye liners! If you think of it most single eyeliners are about $10 at a drugstore! I really love this product and I think it is amazing! I am really in to the cream/gel eyeliners. 

I apply this with either an angled liner brush or with a bent liner brush because I feel that those brushes give me the thinest and most natural looking line! These eyeliners glide on so smoothly and easily. The glitter is so fine that it does not make it hard to apply. 

You might be saying to yourself right now, I don't want shimmery eyeliner. 

When you put it on your eyes you really do not see the shimmer that much, I am not going to say you don't see it at all because you see it a little. The shimmer is what really makes your eyes sparkle and look more of what ever color eyes you have! 

In conclusion, I totally recommend these eyeliners to everyone because they have different custom ones for all eye colors.

Hope this review was helpful!!!

This is what they look like stacked up

This is what they look like separated

- Cami G

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