Monday, December 12, 2011

How to: French Manicure

Hey everyone! I have a post for all of you on a super simple way to do a french manicure! It is so easy and quick. I think the french tips just give a clean look perfect for a special occasion or just everyday! Ok so lets get into the post!

What you will need:

1. Nails (obviously)
2. White polish
3. Clear polish
4. Reinforcements
5. Tape (optional)
6. Scissors

Lets begin!

1. Start off with clean nails.
2. Get your reinforcements and cut them in half, like so

3. Place them on your nails a little away from your tip like I did in the picture and if they don't stay feel free to tape them

4. Paint the white on your tip (it is ok to over lap the reinforcers) 

5. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry
6. Once it is dry then peal off the reinforcer and you should have a white tip

7. If it is a little messy feel free to use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to clean u the edges also touch up the white if necessary
8. Paint on your clear polish and let them dry

9. You have finished! If they do not turn out perfect the first time do not get discouraged because practice makes perfect! 
Mine are not perfect but I have been practicing!

I hope you all enjoyed if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and if you try them out feel free to do a NPOTD (nail polish of the day) and let me know about it in the comments! I will gladly check it out.

Caution! Caution! This is a little bit of a rant/ ramble! haha
I just wanted to tell all of you how thankful I am to those of you who follow me and comment on my posts because it really truly brightens up my day! Even saying something like, "I love your blog! or I love this post!" Might not be much to you but I really love it so yeah! Let me know what you think!



  1. You could just straight out use tape, or you could by those french mani strips, seriously worth the $2 they five you over like 100. Make it sooo much easier.

  2. I had the reinforcers laying around my house so it was just easier than going to the store and buying the nail strips. :)


  3. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    I love your blog too. Keep up the good work.

  4. I love the classic French!! thanks for following my blog, im following urs now! :)

  5. Thanks for the follow and the comment. :) I love the idea of using reinforcers for french tip normally I use them at the bottom of my nail. great post!

  6. Thats too cool. I never thought about using the reinforements to get the french manicure tip. Great idea! :D

  7. What an interesting idea! Lovely blog, following now :)

    xoxo, H