Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey everyone. I have a huge haul! So lets get right into it...

First I went to Walgreens. 

This was a little expensive but it was totally worth it! Its amazing! It cost $12.99.

This cost $3.78

My mom actually suggested I try this so I decided to give it a try. It cost $7.49.

I repurchased this because I love it! It cost $10.49.

Of course I had to buy nail polish because I am obsessed with it! These cost $5.99 each.

The next place I went was Target..again!

This is a finishing spray and it cost $3.99.

I got this to add volume to my hair when I straighten it. It costs $3.99.

I wanted a new heat protectant so I picked this one up. It cost $3.99.

The next thing I bought was a pigment eyeshadow  for $2.74.
Its hard to see the name in this picture but it is called Golden Champagne. 

Let me just start by saying this is so soft! This brush called $6.
I had the mini version of this brush and I love it so I got the bigger version too! It cost $3.

This cost $4.50.

The next stop was MAC.

I have heard so much hype about this powder so I  decided to try it for myself. It was kinda pricey it cost $30.

This next product is so cool! It is a hydrating mist but it has good shimmer in it so when you spray it on your face it puts a little bit of shimmer on your face. It cost $23.

I love MAC eyeshadows so every time I go I like to get a new shadow.  It cost $15.

I went to Marshalls next.

Each nail polish was $3.99.

Next I went to Macy's!

These cost $77.

Then I went to TJ MAXX.

This nail polish costs $3.99.

I went to Forever 21 next.

I hope you all enjoyed this haul!



  1. nice haul!!
    I liked the flats & nail polish polishes shades the best :)

  2. Really nice haul! I think I love every single piece of clothing you got. I really want to try the M.A.C mist, Ive heard such good things about it :)

  3. Great Haul I love the denim shorts and the Miami Heat Tank the best :).
    Misha xx