Thursday, November 8, 2012

Humungous Collective Haul + an Update!

Hey everyone so I have not put up a post in a long time and the reason for that is because the storm, Hurricane Sandy actually did some bad damage to my house, trees fell, our roof tiles came off so we had a leak in our house, but most importantly we did not have power for nine days! The good news is that no one in my family was hurt, compared to others around where I live we were far from the worst, oh yeah... and we got power back!! During the time of the black out, there was not much to do so I ended up going to the mall to keep warm (because the mall had power). While I was there I was tempted to shot, so that is what I did! I went to a bunch of stores and bought quite a few things so lets get into the haul!

First I went to CVS and bought some nail polishes!

Next, I went to Rite Aid to get this Marc Anthony Beach Spray to test out.

After Rite Aid I went to Bath and Body Works. I wanted to try out something from there Aromatherapy line because I have a friend who has the Sleep Body Oils and raves about it.

Then, I went to this store called Charming Charlie which had a ton of costume jewelry. 

Next, I went to Forever 21!

I also went to Kohl's. That was my first time ever going to Kohl's and I picked out a couple things that I like so I was pleased with the store.

Of course I went to TJ Maxx!

The I went to a store that is only in my mall so I am not going to tell you the name... sorry.

Then I went to Lord & Taylor. 

Front of the shirt
back of the shirt

I  have always wanted leather pants, but I thought they were too bold for me so when I found these I fell in love with them!

Let me know what you think of my haul! I hope you enjoyed!



  1. I'm so pleased you're all safe. But I'm sorry about the damage to your home too :(. At least you got the chance to cheer yourself up a bit at the mall!

    Lea x

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  2. Glad youre safe......I guess when in a drought shop it out lol
    I love the sweaters I have been really searching for the perfect cozy one for the rest of the fall and headed into the winter. And that studded vest is to die for I really like this post....

  3. im glad everyone is safe and you got power back finally! what a great haul, i LOVE that scarf!

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  5. Wow You are good with shopping :-) do You want follow each other?

  6. amazing haul, i love everything you got here! :)

    p.s. i'm sorry to hear about the damage hurricane sandy caused! and i'm really happy to hear no one was hurt! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. Wow, someone really went on a shopping it!!
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