Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rings and Tings Review!

Hey everyone! I do not know if you know this or not but I kind-of sort of have a tiny obsession with jewelry (and by that I mean I am COMPLETELY in love with it!) A few months back a company, called Rings and Tings, asked my if I wanted to try out their products and if I liked them I could review them on my blog. Of course I said I would try them but I told them that I reserve the right to be 100% honest in my post. What they did was they chose a few pieces of jewelry for me to try out. So with out further ado.... the review!

Lets start off with shipping. Now I will warn you that for me it was slow and that is because one, it was around the holiday time so they were pretty busy and two it had to ship all the way from Japan. Other than that the shipping and packaging was good. The items came in a envelope with bubble wrap and all of the jewelry came unharmed.


The company sent me a few different items. The sent me one ring, a bracelet and a necklace.

The ring:

This is an animal claw ring (maybe not to everyones taste) but I love it! Also, I have really tiny figures so another bonus of this ring is that it is adjustable!! (how great all you small fingered people?!). The color is an antiqued gold. I do not think this ring will change color because it looks and feels like really great quality. The ring only costs $4! 

The necklace:

This is an Eiffel Tower necklace with a velvet chain. This necklace has a long chain and the charm is silver. This necklace is not my exact style but it is still really cute. I asked my sister if she wanted it (because her style is different from mine) and she said that she loves it an wanted it. But the quality of the necklace is really good. If you think the chain looks a little "cheap" looking, you can always remove the chain and use another one if you like the charm. (I couldn't find the exact necklace on the website but I found one very similar but with a star charm)

The Bracelet:

The Pendent says handmade so I assure the bracelet is handmade. :) The band is velvet, fake I assure and velvet is very in style). I love the brown color of the bracelet. The bracelet is very good quality and I know I will be wearing this bracelet a lot! I could not kind this bracelet on the website but I really like the other bracelets on the website.

Overall, I really like the website and the products they have. From what I received, the products are good quality and I would defiantly buy more from there site because the jewelry is so cute! I hope you all enjoyed this review!


I was sent these products for free but my review is 100% honest.


  1. I love Paris!!! Great ring and necklace:)

  2. I adore your blog, following now!
    Stay in touch! xx

  3. I have never heard of this jewellery brand but they are gorgeous! I love the ring especially :)
    LaceyLoves x

  4. i have an earring that matches that ring perfectly!!

  5. Love that ring - so edgy! Thanks for visiting my blog !


  6. Looks like a very cute website!! I really like the ring!! I've been searching for a great place to buy good quality jewlery......everytime I buy it from Forever 21 or H&M it always breaks!!

  7. I'm thinking of ordering from Rings and Tings soon too!
    thanks for the review!!