Friday, March 22, 2013

My Tips on how to pack when I travel!

Hey everyone! I have some helpful tips for all of you who need to pack for vacation! Here are my helpful tips to make sure you are packing right.

1. Don't over pack! If you are going to a place where you can do laundry (like I am) you do not need to pack a new top for each night or a new pair of pants for each day. Just do the laundry.

2. Make a packing list. I always make a packing check list with all the things I need for my vacation, ex: 3 day outfits. This keeps everything organized and it also makes sure that I do not forget to pack anything.

3. Stick to one look. By this I mean only pack enough makeup for one type of look. It is not necessary to pack pink eyeshadows and green eyeshadows for example. The exception to this is if you bring a makeup palette.

4. Keep the jewelry to a minimum. Surprisingly jewelry weighs alot. I always pack it last or in my carry on.

5. Buy travel size toilet trees. I buy mini hairspray, mousse, shampoo, and condition. By doing this it keep the weight down a lot.

6. When packing hot tools like a curling iron or flat iron be sure to pack them in the middle of your clothing so they do not get broken when your bag is being loaded on to the plane.

7. *If you are traveling for a long period of time and are going to be living out of your suit case for the duration of your trip I highly recommend buying the 2 gallon sized bags and packing your clothes in those. For example, one bag will have shorts and the other long sleeve. This keeps it organized and it also allows you to find what you are looking for more easily.

I hope these tips help you all and if you have any others let me know in the comments! I hope you all have a happy and safe trip!


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