Monday, January 20, 2014

Heatless/ Non damaging curls!

Hey everyone! So I don't know about you but since I have straight hair I always want to curl it or crimp it. But since my hair is straight the heat on the curler has to be turned up on high which is pretty damaging and will cause split ends. I just bought these Conair foam rollers so I am going to show you how I use them!

What you will need for this tutorial!
-1 to 2 packs of foam rollers by Conair depending on length and thickness of hair (I used all the rollers in two packs)
- an old rag or t-shirt
- scissors
-anti-frizz (I use Moroccan oil)
- something to set and hold the curls (I used the Loreal Tousle creme and beach spray because I don't want the crunchy feel of hairspray)
-hair brush
-A toothpick

Thats all!!


Part 1: (Preparing rollers)

1. Open the roller packs and take all the rollers out

2. Remove the plastic clamp on the roller (it is uncomfortable to sleep with)

3. Cut your rag into strips 1 inch thick and 12 inches long (roughly it does not have to be exact)

4. Take a tooth pick to help thread the fabric through the hole of the roller

5. Pull the fabric through and repeat for the rest of the rollers

Part 2: (The tutorial)
1. Take a shower and wash and condition your hair
2. Put your hair in a towel to dry

3. After about 5-10 mins take the towel off and brush your hair
4. Apply your anti-frizz

5. Let your hair dry about 50-60% and apply the tousle creme
6. Let hair continue to air dry (or if its late and your in a rush you can blowdry)
7. Once hair is 95% dry section off your hair and begin to roll (1 inch sections of hair) your hair with the roller and once you reach the top tie the fabric to secure the roller
8. Roll your hair until each section is rolled.

Side view

Back View

9. Go to bed (It feels like laying on a pillow)
10. When you wake up untie the fabric and take out the roller
11. Play with your hair until you get it the way you like and you are ready for the day!

I love this method of overnight curls because it does not hurt my head by laying on them like most foam rollers do. It is also super fast and there is no fuss, also, roller your hair in the rollers does not have to be perfect because I was going for a messy big curls look! If you want tighter curls however, just roller your hair when it is damper. (If it is too wet it will not dry) I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! It is so easy to wake up and take out the curlers in the morning and you wake up with gorgeous hair!

(I have hard to curl hair and the curls lasted all day without any hairspray!!!)

Enjoy! Let me know what you think and your favorite way to curl your hair!



  1. this is perfect, it makes me want to go right out and get curlers!

  2. Wow that looks amazing! My trickis to take the clamp out of my curler so it doesn't end up with that weird kink in the end!

    Would love for you to check out my blog!

  3. great, pretty curls

  4. pretty nice blog, following :)