Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elf Brushes

Hi everyone this is going to be a review on all of the elf brushes I own. Some can be bought at target and they can all be bought online. 

Essential brushes ($1 brushes):

Foundation brush- I love love love this brush for foundation and tinted moisterizer. It blends my makeup so easily and it is very inexpensive. If I was to rate this from 1-10, 10 being the best I would give it a 9 1/2 that is how much I love it!

Total face brush- This is a good brush for putting bronzer on your neck because to me it is a little too rough  on my face. I would rate this a 5. Yes, it is a dollar but in my opinion don't waste the dollar!

Bronzing brush- I do not like this brush because when I try to apply bronzer it looks very harsh and it does not blend well. I would rate this a 4.

Eyeshadow brush- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush. It is a flat shader brush and it packs on the color soooo well! I would rate this a 10!!!! Go to your local target and buy about ten!!!!!

Blending brush- I do not like this brush for blending, but I LOVE this brush for my crease. It is not fluffy enough to blend but it is just right for the crease!! I would give it about a 5 for BLENDING but a 10 for the CREASE!!!!!!

Defining brush- This is an angled eyeshadow brush. It is not full enough for the crease or packing color on the lid. This is an ok brush. I rate this a 5 if you want it for the outer corner.

Lip defining brush- This is my only lip brush and I was so happy because I LOVE it! It is the perfect size for my lips and it makes apply lipstick so easy and clean. I rate this brush a 10!!!!!!!

Eyeliner brush- This brush it too thick for my liking. I like a thin line and this does not give me a good thin line. If you like a think line this brush is good for a dollar. It is a little flimsy but for a dollar it will give you an okay line. I rate this a 7 for a thick line but a 3 for a thin line.

Smudge eye sponge- I do not like this brush!!!! I think if you want to smudge out your eyeliner use a cotton swab!!! In addition, I think it tugs too much on my eyes. I rate this a 2!!

Brow comb & Brush- This is good because it is like any high end brow comb but it is a dollar!!!! I rate this a 10!!!!

Eyelash and Brow wand-  I love this for combing my eyebrows and decamping my mascara!!! I rate this a 10!!!!

Studio brushes ($3):

Powder brush- I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush I use it for contouring and also applying blush. I love it so much and it is really soft and I rate it a 10!!!!!1

Blush brush- I like this for highlighting because it is too small for blush. It has a pointed tip of you get the perfect highlighting application!! I rate this a 9 1/2 for highlighting and a 8 for blush because it is soo soft!!!!! 

Angled eyeliner brush- This brush is flimsy but it make my eyeliner so thin, but it takes a little extra time but it is worth it!! I rate this an 8 1/2!!!


essential eyelash curler ($1): I love this eyelash curler!!! It curls my eyelashes so well and it also has a spring in it so it will not break your eyelashes as much. I still will break them just like all other brands. I use this when I go out on night not on a daily basis!!! I rate it a 10!!!!!!!!

tweezers ($1): They are good, I like Tweezerman tweezer better but those are $30 and the elf one is $1!!! I rate then a 5 because they work but they are not shape and small enough to get all of the hairs!!!

Hope this review was helpful and if you want a more in depth review just let me know!!!

- Cami G

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