Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi everyone. I did go makeup shopping again (surprise, surprise)!!! Today I went to MAC and Sephora!!!! 

I bought two things at mac and one at Sephora

At Sephora I bought the benefit Feelin' cheeky which was $15.00. It comes with mini sizes of posie tint, high beam, and bene tint! I thought this was a great deal so I bought it!!!!

This was the fist thing I bought at MAC and it was the Big Bounce Shadow in the color Impeccably Rich. It was $16.50. I use this as a cream eyeshadow and a base to the next thing I bought!!!! (If you can you should totally buy this. I am in love with it!!!!!!!!)

This is the MAC eyeshadow in the color Gorgeous Gold!!! It was $14.50. It is such a beautiful gold color and it looks amazing over the BIg Bounce Shadow!!!!

If you want a review on anything let me know in the comments. 

Cami G


  1. Hey <3 your blog :) Check out mine :)

  2. gonna get that set and the bounce shadow asap! could you do a post showing each benefit product next to a mac eyeshadow just so i could see for size how big the little benefit bottles are?