Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY: Lipgloss/ Lip Balm

Hi everyone! I have another DIY today! This time it is going to be how to make lipgloss/ lip balm.

What you need!

- Aquaphor
- Old lipgloss and or lipstick
- container to keep the product
- Mixer and or knife
- Blow dryer  or microwave
- freezer

(You might be asking yourself, what does do I have to do with a blow dryer and a freeze? Just keep reading and you will soon find out!)

Lets get started!

1. Take your container and the Aquaphor. Eyeball the right amount of product to squeeze in to the container.

2. Next, take your lipstick and lipgloss and put a little of each in to the container with the Aquaphor. Use the mixer or the knife and cut the lipstick and then squeeze the lipgloss in to the container as well.
(it might look strange but just trust me!)

3. Blow dry the concoction so it all melts together! (A couple of seconds will be enough or until is is melted)

4. Mix it all together and then put it in the freezer.

5. After 30 minutes take it out the gloss and it should all be solid and ready to put on your lips!

If anyone wants to know how to make any other DIY (i.e. makeup remover, brush cleaner) leave me a comment! Hope you like this! 

Cami G


  1. Cool blog! I followed you! :) Im from

    Do you know how to make your own nail polish remover cause I sometimes run out. :(

  2. Very cool blog! I luv DIY! Im gonna follow :D

  3. No I actually do not :( but I did research some ways to make it but in my opinion it is probably easier to just keep an extra bottle in the house because to make nail polish remover you need acetone and a bunch of other things so I think it is probably less expensive to keep a spare bottle in the house and when you know you are running low buy another one. Sorry this was not much help but it is what I would do and it is what I think is a wiser decision. But if you really really want to make your own nail polish remover I suggest search in youtube "how to make your own nail polish remover" And thanks so much for following it really means a lot to me! :)

  4. I did a brush cleaner post :) check it out!

  5. ahh this is soo cool def gonna try it out! <3