Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you take your makeup off at night?

Hey everyone. Whats up? How was your day/ week / summer? 

How many of you take your makeup off at night? Do you? DO you really? Well, if you do good job! If not, and you sleep with your makeup on it is really really really bad for your skin! If will clog your pores and will cause zits. Common sense, right! Well you will be surprised on how many people do not take off their makeup at night. This was a short post but let me know in the comments if you do or do not take off your makeup at night! And remember if you did not already please follow me! Thanks!

Cami G 


  1. yes I totally agree, and another tip is if you put cream on your face at night, buy silk pillow cases, because the regular cotton wipes it right off!

  2. Ill be the first to admitt, I dont always take my makeup off at night, however, to my defense, i told really use foundation, so there really isnt much to clog my pores.

  3. I always make sure to take my makeup off before I fall asleep! I don't always wear makeup, though, so I guess it's harder and more tedious if you wear makeup everyday, but I just hate the feeling of the powder and everything on my face at night

  4. I do not always, i try to but i get home sooooo late from work the only thing i see is my bed! I do wipe off with make up remover but i dont wash it everything. Guilty! =(

  5. Hi Cami! returning the favour! thanks for checking out my blog, come back and visit soon!

    as for the post.. i take off all my face makeup and do my best to take off the eyeliner and mascara, but sometimes there's abit left, (unnoticable) and i leave it on.. i know its bad, but its too much effort to get every single speck off!

  6. Yes HAVE TO FOR SURE!! I am very paranoid when it comes to that... I can't sleep well if I know have makeup on........

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