Monday, August 15, 2011

Drugstore makeup starters kit!

Hey everyone! This post is going to be what I would recommend makeup wise from the drugstore if you are just starting with makeup or you want to expand your collection!

Drugstore starter kit!

Foundation: I have been really loving the L'oreal magic smooth souffle. This is made  for older ladies but I am not that old and I love it. I love it because it makes my skin so soft and coveres any imperfections. I think if you are age 13 all of the way to age 50 (or higher) Can use this foundation which is why it is in my drugstore starter kit.

Powder: It really depends if you want a translucent  powder or a skin tone powder. For a translucent powder I recommend the elf complexion perfection and for a skin tone powder I recommend the elf mineral foundation. (Yes I am aware that it says foundation but I like to use it as a powder!)

Bronzer: I have been loving the hard candy powder bronzer. 

Blush: I love love love the Physicians formula Happy Boosting Blush. Mine is in the color natural. I love this blush because it will look beautiful on any skin tone and it also smells so good and it really does boost your mood!

Concealer: I have not really found one that I love from the drugstore so you might have to spend a little more money on lets just say a MAC on. If you found a good concealer let me know in the comments and I will test it out!

Eye primer: I made a post on how to make your own eyeshadow primer and that is what I like to use as my drugstore primer!

Eyeshadow: I have to eyeshadow palettes that I love! The first one is the N.Y.C. individual eyes custom compact for green eyes. I love this because first it comes with its own primer and also you get 4 gorgeous eyeshadows. The second palette I love is the wet n wild 8 eyeshadow palette in the color Comfort Zone they are such pigmented colors and I absolutely love them. (Some colors are dupes for MAC eyeshadows) I like to buy palettes because you get more colors and also they all look good together and you can do so many looks. If you are starting off with makeup I recommend buying a palette!

Mascara: I do not really have one because I get a new one every month and I usually try a new one because mascaras go bad so you have to throw them out each month!

Lipgloss: I am not going to recommend any brand just because I have so many that I love and I use all of them equally! But I will recommend the type of color to but! I would buy a light shimmery pink gloss!

Lipstick: I do not recommend lipstick because if you are just starting with makeup you are not that old and you do not need lipstick!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you want to know anything that I did not say for example a highlighter ask in the comments because I have read every single comment!

Cami G

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  1. Hey Cami! I myself have been looking for a few good drugstore concealers and I personally like the NYC Cover Stick, although I do think there might be something else out there so with that said, I would love to see you do a review on the Covergirl Ageless Concealer because I hear it is a very nice drugstore concealer. Oh and just to let you know, you only need to throw away mascara after 3 months, not just one month and I disagree with you on the lipstick, you do not need to be older to use lipstick (and some younger people actually prefer it!) and some people do wait until they are in their twenties or thirties before they try out makeup due to not having an interest in it or choosing a new career path in which they need to have the appropriate facial makeup (such as news anchors or people who work face to face with customers everyday.