Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Fix Bed Head!

Hi everyone! This is going to be a post of what I do when I have messy bed head and only have 5 minutes or so to get ready and out the door! What I do is I put if up! I do NOT like to walk out with just a plain ponytail or bun. I love to glitz it up and make it look nice (almost as if I was to have planned to do that!) 

Here are some hairstyles I like to do: (sorry but you might have to go on youtube but I will tell you what to type in if I cannot explain it!)

1. The fishtail braid. I like this a lot better than a regular braid because it looks cuter and also it is different! I like to make my braid on the side and messy. :) All you have to do is type in ' how to: easy fishtail braid ' and click on any one you want!  

I got this photo from

2. I am not sure what to call it so I will call it this, The pony tail that you take a piece of hair and you wrap it around so it looks like your hair is put up by your own hair! hahaha

What you do is you put your hair up into a pony tail, high, low, side middle, it does not matter. Then you take a piece of hair from the pony tail (not from the top but the bottom) and wrap it around the hair tie. Once you get to the end of wrapping it just bobby pin it under the pony tail!

I found this on google images

3. French Braid Side Bun

This is the hairstyle where you french braid the side of your hair and then put in in a low bun. Type this into youtube to learn how to do it type in ' French Braid Side Bun Tutorial ' I love this look because it is soooo easy!

I got this photo from

Hope you enjoy and let me know what your favorite "bed head" hair style is! Also let me know if you decide to try one of these styles! 




  1. my hair is so so short, if i have bed head there's no saving it hahaha

    love the french braid side bun the best :)


  2. Love the hairstyles!!