Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAC DUPES (NYX eyeshadows)

Hi everyone so this is going to be a post on NYX and one Wet n' Wild dupe for MAC eyeshadows :)

MAC All that glitters = NYX Champagne
MAC Amber Lights = NYX Golden
MAC Antiqued/Banshee = NYX Milani Spice
MAC Aquadisiac = NYX Jade
MAC Aquaver = NYX Spring leaf 
MAC Beautiful Iris = NYX Frosted Lilac
MAC Beauty Marked = NYX Lake Moss Trio -Purple shade
MAC Blue Storm = NYX Atlantic
MAC Bisque = NYX Nude
MAC Brule = Wet ‘n Wild Brulee
MAC Carbon = NYX Black
MAC Cranberry = NYX Rust
MAC Cocoa = NYX Beanie
MAC Contrast = NYX Lake Moss Trio -Blue shade
MAC Coppering = NYX Copper
MAC Deep Truth = NYX Atlanti
MAC Down Brown = NYX Dark Brown
MAC Easter = NYX Yellow
MAC Electra = NYX silver
MAC Electric Eel = NYX Irises 
MAC Expensive Pink = NYX Wildflower
MAC Fab and Flashy = NYX Sunset or Hot Orange
MAC Freshwater = NYX Atlantic
MAC Gesso = NYX White
MAC "Goldmine" = NYX "Ray"
MAC Girl Meets Boy = NYX Antique Gold
MAC Hepcat = NYX Violet
MAC Juxt or Golden Olive = NYX Springleaf
MAC "Knight Divine" = NYX "Charcoal" 
MAC Lucky Green = NYX Lime Green
MAC Moon's Reflection = NYX Pacific
MAC Mothbrown = NYX Root Beer
MAC Naked lunch = NYX Sahara (ES 18)
MAC Nocturnelle = NYX Beauty Queen
MAC Parfait Amour: NYX Purple
MAC Parrot = NYX Ocean
MAC Passionate: NYX Cherry or Red Head
MAC Posion Pen = NYX Space
MAC Rose = NYX Hot Pink
MAC Rose Blanc = NYX High light (ES07)
MAC Satelitte Dreams = NYX Deep Purple
MAC Satin Taupe = NYX Iced Mocha
MAC Shroom = NYX Frosted Flakes
MAC Star n' Rockets: NYX Luxor
MAC Star Violet = NYX Burgandy Pearl 
MAC Steamy = NYX Jungle Fever
MAC Swimming = NYX Kiwi
MAC Swish = NYX Spring Flower
MAC Top Hat = NYX Deep Purple
MAC Twinks = NYX Walnut Bronze
MAC Vellum = NYX Opal (ES 45)
MAC Yogurt = NYX Dallas

Hope you all enjoyed.
If you know any other dupes leave them in the comments. Also, please follow me and comment because it really makes my day.


Disclaimer: I do not own all of these shadows but I did some research and found these dupes. I do have a good amount of the eyeshadows though


  1. WOW!!! That is so helpful! I love mac but they are expensive (for me)and I have never tried them!!!! Thank you so much for this!!!!!!

    KV <3

  2. Great... I want a new Expensive pink... but I go to sear in the NYX apparel yay!! Lovees♥

  3. I will definitely be bring this list with me the next time I go NYX shopping! Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you so much for this! Very helpful blog you have here! :)
    Just Followed you back ;)

  5. Hello, Can't find Nyx Jade, anyone knows of another dupe for it? please please let me know