Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Haul Time!

Hi everyone so recently I went to Target and bought some nail polish! :) I paid about 16 dollars for all of them!

I bought sinful colors nail polish and each bottle is $1.99. I got a total of 6 sinful colors and 1 NYC for $0.99. 

The first polish is in the color Midnight Blue and is almost an exact dupe for the Essie's Aruba Blue I have painted my nails this color and it is soooo pretty.

The next color is so sparkly and makes me smile when I see it :) . It is the sinful color in the color Frenzy.

The next color is just a plain white and it is in the color Snow Me White! I got this to possibly do some nail tutorials with.

The next color is another blue in the color Aquamarine. 

The next on is just a black and I DO NOT like to ware plain black on my nails but I got this to do nail tutorials. Its in the color Black on Black.

The next color is an orange in the color Big Daddy! I got this to do a pumpkin nail tutorial.

Next I got just a Yellow and I think it will be really pretty for Spring and Summer (I know its Fall but whatever I am planning a head!)

I love these nail polishes so much and here is my haul! :) Hope you enjoyed!




  1. I have the midnight blue! I like it a lot. I love that other blue the aquamarine, its so pretty!! Im gonna have to go get it.

  2. I love sinful colors! I have on like midnight blue but it has more green to it!

    KV <3

  3. The color Frenzy looks so pretty!<3

  4. Sinful is my favorite nail polish.... like you blog...c u