Friday, October 7, 2011

Nail Tutorials?

Hi everyone. So lately I have been loving painting my nails! I am planning on doing some videos so I you want me to do a tutorial let me know what type like do you want a candy corn? cookie monster? things like that. Please let me know and in addition I will say your blog and/ or Youtube (if you want me to) and link it in the below bar of the video, saying you were the one to request it. Leave me a comment below and I plan on doing some nail tutorials. I paint my nails every 3 ish days (because I can't stand when they chip) so I plan on doing many video! Let me know and please subscribe to be on Youtube! Thanks.

My youtube account is:



  1. Hello! Can you do like a pumpkin (or jack-o-lantern) nail tutorial? I have tried looking for some but they are just not what I like. Thank you!!

    KV <3

  2. yeah I will do a jack-o-lantern nail look foreshore but it will be a little later because I want them closer to Halloween so check around two weeks! :)

  3. do you think you could do a super girly, kawaii type look?

  4. do u want a character on the nail? or just a nail look inspired by the characters and color? please let me know because i will be more than happy to do an looks that you or anyone else request! :)

  5. whatever you want to do! let your imagination run FREEEEE! :D Im so excited to see what you come up with haha