Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow in October?

Hey everyone! So i woke up and snow was falling from the sky! Can you believe it? It is October and it is snowing. This is unreal ahahah. I am probally going to post this and then make a glass of hot chocolate.

Also, my google email account is not working very well with youtube so i decided just to make a new channel! I think I am going to call it makeupbycamig . Do you like it? Let me know in the comment! Thanks so much for all the help and once I make the channel i will repost all of the cideos and make more! So I'll let you know when I make the channel! :) have a wonderful day and let me know if ou are in the U.S. if it is snowing!



  1. I LOVE snow... can't wait till the first snow falls here =)
    Its a cool youtube name, im gonna check it out when its up and running

  2. I have snow and I'm NOT happy about it! It ruined my Halloween plans! :(

  3. i know i have no power i am typing this on my phone ahah i am not supposed to get power back until thursday i filmed an october favorites video and a haul video but my camera died and now i will not be able to upload it until friday i have a little phone charger for a car so when i am in the car i charge my phone and it literally saved my life because i can still check emails and also post a little on my blog yaay but this comment is a post in it of itself hahaha but keep an eye out for the videos on my new channel i think i will post them when the power comes back but let me know if you want me to post them xoxox cami