Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hi everyone! So I signed up for which allows bloggers like you and me to film videos and post them on our blogs. Now that I have signed up I need videos to do. Please leave some requests and I will do my best to do them! In addition let me know if you want some fashion videos, do you want me to do outfits of the day, do you want me to film when I shop for makeup or clothing? Let me know and I will do those videos!

Please let me know and let me know if you signed up for because of my post! Or if you already were signed up.

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  1. I forgot to say... its FREE!!!!

  2. Could you do like makeup tutorials? And filming while you are shopping would be really cool!! This sound really cool! I might try it! Thanks!!

    KV <3

  3. Makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, vlogs any of those would be awesome :)

    Also you should check out my most recent post!!

    I said your name a couple times and linked back to your blog! :)