Monday, November 21, 2011

Glitter Nails!

Hi everyone. I have been loving glitter and glitter nails! Right now I have a gold glitter on my nails but I have has many different colors that I will show you. Some of the polishes are more expensive. Before I apply the glitter I apply either a white, light pink or and light color that either compliments or it just blends well. :) Right now I but ballet slipper on my nails under the gold but you can not really see the ballet slipper. Ok so mow here are the polishes I have been loving! (I do about 2-3 coats of each polish because I think they are meant to be top coats but hey I like them for the actual color)

1. Frenzy by Sinful Colors : a beautiful color with PURPLE AND BLUE sparkels. I have it on my nails right now so I will show you a picture. :) 

2. The next one is perfect for this time of year (I am not sure if they still sell it but it is easily dupable!) it is called Spark my Mistletoe : it is perfect for the holidays and this time of year, it is a read sparkly color with blue and green undertones!

3. The last one is Funky Fingers (I bought mine at 5 below) in the color Bourbon : it is a gorgeous bronze metallic color! 

Hope you enjoyed and let me know you favorite nail trend for right now :)



  1. omgsh, i keep forgetting to grab some glitter nail polish when I go to the store

  2. Frenzy is my favorite glitter polish. I wear it on my ring finger over a dark purple, it also looks pretty good with a dark blue.


  3. I love glitter nail polish. I have Frenzy by Sinful Colors and I love it!
    p.s You have a GREAT blog!! I'm now a follower.