Sunday, November 13, 2011

Go Get This Polish Set!

Hi everyone. This is a post reviewing a very amazing product that I have recently found! I am sorry I have not posted in a while but I am BACK! I went to Walgreens yesterday and I found this cute product. This makes a great gift for a makeup lover (like me) or just for yourself. O.K. so now you are probably wondering what I bought! I actually found an Essie set. It came with two mini bottles for the price of one normal bottle (incase you do not know how much one normal size bottle is it is 8 dollars)! I got two because there were only two different ones in the store. The colors that came in the sets were: the first one contained jazz and St. lucia (a beautiful taupe color and a gorgeous purple, lilacy color), the second one came with real simple and very cranberry (a light pink and a mid tone red). I love both sets I got very much.

I love the small bottles because I always change my nail polish color and I rarely use the same color twice in a row. This way I get more of a variety of colors and a smaller size. I do not like to waste them but when they get old they dry out.  Plus, I think the smaller bottles are so cute and little. If you had one of these colors on your nails you could bring it in your purse with you for touchups and it will not weigh a lot! I totally recommend these because they are the exact same quality of the normal polishes! I hope you all had a wonderful day and don't for get to leave a comment on anything (questions, concerns, random) I would love to hear it! 

Both of the sets I bought

The first one with Jazz and St. Lucia Lilac

The second one with Real Simple and Very Cranberry

Hope you enjoyed!


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