Sunday, August 12, 2012

Forever 21 + other Haul (Part 2)

Hey everyone. So I know that my last post was a Forever 21 Haul but I went to Forever 21 and the mall today again. It was a different one than where I went to the other time. I love the things I bought today and I really wanted to share with all of you. I hope you enjoy this haul. I also went to Nordstrom and I bought some shoes that I wanted to show you.

I went shopping at Forever 21 and Nordstrom
 From Forever 21:

I bought this backpack because it is cute for walking around just to have a cute bag. I really like this style and don't have anything like it

I love bangles and bracelets because you can mix and match them

This is another bracelet set that I fell in love with

I love this with jean shorts or even over a red or white dress

I like the tie on this and I really like this top

I love love love this dress so much! I found this and them did not put it in my little shopping bag thing but I really loved it so I went back and put it in my bag and I loved how it looks when it tried so I bought it! The photo looks more blue but it is more of a mint color (like the one of the pic below) This is a high-low hem maxi dress and it is mint so it has 3 of this summer's trends 

I really need belts because I only have 2 belts

From Nordstrom:
I got these flip flops called rainbows; they mold to your feet and are super comfy! My sister has a pair and said they were so comfy so I bought a pair and I love them (there is no price tag but they cost $52.95)

I think these shoes are so cute on but don't look too cute in the picture but they are really comfortable (they cost $64.95)

I hope you enjoy!



  1. i love the mint dress!

  2. You got so many amazing things! Forever 21 is such a great store. Loving the accessories!

  3. Just checked out your blog and I love it! Thought I’d leave a comment letting you know how much I do! I liked everything you've picked up..
    Would you like to follow each other? Already following you. <3

  4. I know not the first to say this but I love the maxi dress and its good price

  5. Definitely digging the bangles. Cute blog, as well!
    Follow me? :) thanks!

  6. Looks like you found some great stuff! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! You are my 50th follower - so exciting!

  7. Thanks for your coment and following me. I follow too :)
    love those bangles