Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My favorite Perfume!

Hey everyone. So I recently recieved the DKNY Red Be Delicious perfume as a gift from a friend. I love the way this perfume smells. I am terrible at describing scents so I took a screenshot of what it says on the website. I think this perfume might have been limited edition. My friend had two of these perfumes and did not want one so she gave it to me knowing how much of a makeup/fashion/ and beauty love I am! If it is not in stores any more but you can find it other places I totally recommend getting this perfume. I have heard good things about the green one and the light pink ones too so I really want to try those out as well because I love this one so much. (The green one is not limited edition and I don't think the light pink one is either)

(I got this info from the Macys website)

I have had this perfume for about a week and I have worn it everyday since. The day I bought it I used it and one of my friends noticed that I used a different perfume and complimented me. Also, my sister has been using it from me and has been loving it. I think it is the perfect perfume for day and night work or a day at the beach! It is so versatile and I love it so much! I usually change my perfume a lot but I think I have found one that I will be using for a good while.

What is your favorite perfume?

I hope you enjoyed!



  1. It sounds amazing! I have smelt the green one and it was gorgeous :-)

  2. My favourite is Escada Taj Sunset from last year =) Rockin Rio from this year smells really good too, though!

  3. LOVE this scent!!! Follow us back because I have a feeling your gonna like our stuff! <3

  4. Love this fragrance. The pale pink edition is stunning also.