Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MAC Products I Regret Buying!

Hi everyone! This is going to be the MAC products I regret buying! 

I regret buying:

- The mac eyeshadows in Free To Be, Stars N' Rockets, Creme De Violet, and  Forgery. (they are very pigmented but I do not like to wear colors)

- Also, I regret the MAC Zoom Lash because it was expensive and I can get a good on at the drugstore for less expensive.

If you have any mac products you regret buying either leave me a comment or do a post and let me know!



  1. I regret buying a MAC lipglass in the color Loveknot. I love the quality and it feels really smooth on the lips but the color is way to intense for my small lips and I don't think that bright lip-colors look good on me.
    I love your blog it's very helpful and cute <3

  2. I have a few eyeshadows the I probably could have not purchased but I convince myself they are good to have ;). I would have to say I regret buying the Mac Fluidlines. I bought 3 different colors and they all dried out so quickly! I also feel the maybelline gel liner works just as well.


  3. OMG! I Def. would have to agree! I bought into MAC Fluidlines and they dry out soo fast for the price. I always end up throwing them out-But for some reason keep re-stocking for my Kit?! I am looking for a good alter-ego in a different brand as we speak. I do love the maybelline.

  4. i regret buying a mac concealer, i think its the studio fix concealer? its the one thats in the little pot like the eyeshadows are. its terrible. i hate it. its so drying, it doesn't blend. don't buy it!

  5. I regret buying the concealer brush from MAC (Number 195) as I like putting concealer on with my finger, so I don't transfer germs, as it is usually to cover spots and blemishes! Also, I regret buying the studio sculpt concealer online, as I bought the completely wrong colour which is totally too orange for my face, and makes me blemishes more prominent!