Friday, September 2, 2011

My Elf collection!

Hi everyone. This is going to be a post on my elf makeup collection. (warning: I have alot!) If you want a more in-depth review let me know!


Hypershine lipgloss: I totally recommend they are 1 dollar and they last pretty long! 

Luscious Liquid Lipstick: I recommend they are 1 dollar but if you have to choose one lip gloss I recommend the hypershine gloss but I like this one too.

Plumping lipglaze: I really like this but to be honest with you it does not plump my lips :( it just tingles a little and smells really minty. If you want a plumping lipgloss do not buy this. They are 1 dollar.

Elf therapeutic conditioning balm: I love love  love these. They make my lips so soft and they are only 1 dollar!

Lipstick: I like them but you do need a lip brush to apply them. They are 1 dollar!

Super Glossy Lip Shine: These are good but very shiny. I like these just to bring around with me and touch up with the gloss. They are 1 dollar.

Lip liner: These are ok. They are a dollar! I like the colors and the pigmentation but it does not stop the lipstick from bleeding. :(


Liquid liner: I do not like! It does not last very well :( but it is only a dollar if you want to try it out for yourself.

Waterproof eyeliner pens: They are ok. I recommend them over the liquid liner. They are 1 dollar.

Eyeliner: They are good. You have to work with them a little but they are worth the dollar!

Eye widener: I love this! I put it in my inner corner! It is 1 dollar!

Shimmering eyeliner: I love them totally worth the dollar! I love them

elf cream eyeliner: I like them a lot and I love the angled brush it comes with!


Quads: I do not recommend! :( It is 1 dollar.

Duo eye shadow creams: I do not recommend. It is 1 dollar.

elf liquid eyeshadow: I do not recommend. It is 1 dollar.

elf mineral eyeshadow: I love love love these eyeshadows. The colors are great and very pigmented. These are 3 dollars.

eye shadow primer: I like it. I use it under my concealer and it stays all day. It is 1 dollar!


shimmering facial wip: I love them totally worth the dollar! You have to try them!

Healthy glow bronzer: I do not like because it is veryyy chalky but for halloween if you want a bronzer just if you have to look tan for your costume this will work! These are a dollar.

Natural Radiance Blusher: I think these are very chalky as well but you just can't use a lot. These are 1 dollar. Buy this at your own risk.

All Over Color Stick: I like these a lot for blush and also for lip gloss!  I recommend them they are a dollar!

All Over Cover Stick: I love love love these they are so good for 1 dollar and they are dupes for the Mac Studio Finish Concealer.  They are 1 dollar.

Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15: I love these they are soo good for summer! Plus, they are only 1 dollar!

Contouring Blush and Bronzer: I love this it is my Holy Grail Product. It was 3 dollars.

Complexion Perfection: I like this just in areas where I get oily. It was 3 dollars.

Elf Mineral Foundation: I love this foundation! I  just put concealer on and then I uses this and that is what I do as foundation!


You can check out my post on all of my elf brush! I still have the same opinions. 

My whole collection: 

If you need a more in-depth review let me know! 
Hope this helps.

Cami G


  1. WOW that is a BIG collection!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have about half of those...You've got a cute blog! <3

  2. Really helpful post! Gives me an idea of which products I should pick from elf. Thanks for following my blog, I just followed yours as well!

  3. Dang! Great collection!!! :)

  4. Great collection and save money at the same time.. (: I want to try the complexion perfection powder.. thanks for share (: xoxo

  5. wow,
    You have heaps of elf. I love their lip shimmers

  6. Uh I love your collection... I got my first elf products this week so im still in the testing stage :D

  7. Great blog post! now I know which elf products to not waste my money on... even though it's all really cheap. Thanks!

  8. Can you come check our the blog that me and my best friend share??? it is about makeup nails and girly stuff!!

  9. wow that's an awesome elf collection.. I personally love elf stuff n I think they are worth the money :) Thnks for the follow.. following u now :)

  10. Looove ElF! I got the eyeshadow palette with 100 colors for 10 dollars! and I have the hyper shine lip glosses from a pack of five for 4.95 and the set of 4 duo eyeshadows. They're like your's but not cream. It came with a brush and eye liner for 4.95. I got the duos and lip glosses at XSRE (love that place!)

  11. Hey!! That is quite a collection! I have the Elf primer and it's alright, especially for $1. Do you have any Elf brushes? I was thinking of buying a few :)

  12. Yes I did a post on them click this link

  13. great collection :D YOu have a lot of elf products. :O