Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favorite Perfume for the Summer!

Hi everyone!!! I have a post today on my favorite summer perfume! I love sweet and fruity perfumes for the spring and summer months!!! The perfume that I am in love with this summer is the PINK With A Splash fruity & bright.  This perfume smells sooo good! I have the full size one but another thing I love about this is you can buy a mini bottle so it is perfect for traveling!!! 

One tip I have for spraying perfumes is to NOT spray directly on you skin of clothes. If you spray it directly on your clothes it might stain then and if you spray it on your skin over time it will discolor you skin!!!! I spray a few sprays and then walk in to it this way it is not only in one spot and it is able to cover your whole body!!!!

I absolutely love this PINK perfume and it can be bought (full size) at Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secret for about 15 dollars and at Bath and Body Works they have discounts so you can buy 2 for $22 of 3 for $30. If you want the mini ones they are about $8. Please let me know your favorite summer perfume or if you don't change your perfumes for the summer!! Hope you all enjoyed and Follow Me if you like my blog!!! 

Cami G


  1. I have never had discoloration to my clothes or skin when I spray my perfume. Maybe it is only certain types?

  2. Hey, I love Gucci Flora for summertime. It;s a perfect summer scent :) Love the new post :D

  3. I normally don't like perfumes, but VS has some really great summery scents. They're all fruity and yummy smelling ;)

    xo katie elizabeth

  4. Thanks for following my blog...I am your newest follower as well! I got this VS perfume (the mini one) for christmas last year from my roomie! Loved it :)

  5. This is the perfume I use! Love it!

  6. why would b&bw sell vs perfume? and body sprays do not discolour your skin. that is a myth.