Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To Make Your Eyeshadow From Day To Night!

Hey everyone! Today I am going to do a tutorial on how to change your makeup from day to night using the N.Y.C. Individual Compact for green eyes! But first a little review on this palette!


This palette was about $5 at Target and it comes with 4 eyeshadow colors, 1 eye primer, and 1 illuminator. The eyeshadows are natural colors (mostly shimmery!) Their is a really pretty gold in the palette the 2 one from the bottom which is almost an exact dupe for the MAC eyeshadow in the color Gorgeous Gold! I love this palette and think you should buy it!

And now for the tutorial:


1. Use your finger and apply the primer from your lash line to your brow bone.

2. Use the 2nd color from the bottom (the second darkest) and a flat shader brush (I like the elf one but it does not matter) and pack it onto the lid.

3. Next, take a crease brush (any crease brush will do) and the 3rd color from the bottom (the third darkest) and apply it to your crease.

3. Use the other side of the ELF shader brush (or use a new flat shader brush) and use the lightest color. Apply it to your brow bone.

4. Add some blush, gloss, and mascara and you are ready for the day!

That is the day look...

....and now to take it into the night time:


1. To take your eyes from day to night all you have to do is put this palette in your purse with an eyeliner, blush, gloss and a crease and blending brush and you are ready.
2. Take your crease brush (it can be the one you used for the day!) and get some of the darkest color on to the brush. Place this color only on the outer corner.

3. Take the blending brush and blend, blend, blend!
4. Add some more blush, and gloss.
5. Put on some eyeliner to make it look a little more dramatic!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you want more (for example a smokey eye, purple, blue, neutral.... etc.) Please follow me, its free!

Disclaimer: I am going to redo my nail polish but I wanted to get the post up first :) Also, I bought this palette with my own money!

Cami G


  1. Great post :) Do you know if you can get this palette in Ireland??

  2. I do not know but if you have a Target then you can probably get this palette but I am not sure if they have Targets sorry :(

  3. i really like this palette as well. Could you please follow me on my blog? It would mean so much to me

  4. Wow that is really cool it comes with a primer as well. These colors are just lovely! Thanks for following my blog Cami. I like your blog a lot and am following too <3


  5. I love your tutorials, it would be very cool if you made some videos?

    I follow your awesome blog now :-)!

  6. love those colors :-)