Monday, January 2, 2012

How to: Chalk Your Hair (Hair Chalking)

Hey everyone! I have a super fun tutorial for all of you! Have you every wanted to dye a streak of your hair a wild color like pink, purple, or yellow? But you don't want to commit to having it for a long time. Well now you can and it will only cost you about 5 dollars (if you already own a curler or flat iron). I love it and it is super fun! It is called Hair Chalking. But we actually are going to use oil pastels! 

What you need:

- a varity pack of oil pastels
- a flat iron or curling iron
- a spray bottle of water


First I recommend you to put on a shirt that is junky and put a towel on your shoulder so you don't ruin your clothes. 

1. Section off your hair half way.

2. If your oil pastels have the paper around them remove it.

3. Take a 1/2 of an inch section of hair and spray it with water

4.  Next take the oil pastel and color the tip of your hair (or the whole thing if you want)

5. Repet steps 1-4 with the next section of hair

6. Brush them out and then flat iron or curl the pieces so it lasts all day (or until the next time you wash your hair)

7. Some of the color comes out on the iron but it is ok because all you have to do it wipe it with a towel or anything you want! 

 I think it is so fun and easy and it looks so cool!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you try it!



  1. i love this... if i had long hair I'd totally try it out :)

  2. Great idea! Does it damage your hair though?

  3. When I did it it did not damage my hair! But I do not recommend doing this everyday. If you want the color to last for a while you should try the hair dye that lasts for about 20 washes or something like that! My hair did not get damaged but I do recommend conditioning your hair after! So no, it did not damage my hair!


  4. what a cool idea ! will be trying that , it looks like so much fun , thanks for sharing


  5. this seems cool. I've never thought of this idea. I'll definitely try it.
    Thank you for following my blog, I followed yours right back :)

  6. you will get better color if you use soft chalk pastels instead of oil, less clean up too.