Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Get White Nails!

Hey everyone. If you are like me and love to paint your nails and constantly paint them a different color this post is going to be helpful to you. A lot of times if you have nail polish on for a while it starts to discolor your nails and they do not look very attractive. Well, I have a way to get white, healthy-looking nails.

What I use to keep my nails white is denture cleaner believe it or not. Any denture cleaner brand will work I use the Premier Value Double Action Denture Cleanser (but it really does not matter which brand). Plus, denture not that expensive and you get a lot of tablets. Mine came with 84 tablets (you want to make sure that they are tablets). What you do is place the tablet in to water (I like to use hot water because it is soothing) and let it dissolve. Then for however long it says to leave the dentures in, let your nails soak in it for that amount of time (usually around 3-5 minutes). 

I do this about once a week before I paint my nails because you want to do this to bare nails. 

Don't have access to denture cleaner?

Also you can use whitening toothpaste to whiten your nails. Apply it to your nails for about 15-30 minutes. Then wash with warm water and gently scrub your nails with a tooth brush (I recommend getting a separate one though) Even though you can still use this toothpaste technique to whiten your nails I like the denture cleaner one better because it is more relaxing and quicker to do.

Hope this helps and leave any requests for posts in the comment! If you have any questions feel free to email me at camigmakeup4u2c@gmail.com !



  1. This is so interesting, I have this problem because I always have nailpolish on. Thanks for all of these great tips cami!


  2. great idea! will it work after you take the polish off & your nails are stained? xx

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  3. This is such a great idea. Thank you!


  4. Oh man, I need to use this trick! I paint my nails all the time.
    haha, thanks for the tip :)


  5. What a great tip! I'm definitely following your blog! =)


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    p.s. i was just thinking of doing my nails tomorrow, so i will definitely be trying this out!

  7. I heard about this! fun post thanks!!


  8. thanks for your tip, very interesting!xxx

  9. Great tip gonna try this one out
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  12. How cool! I need to try this! My nails are sooo discolored because I paint them every color under the sun! lol

  13. hey! nice post! i think thats a really interesting tipp! i will try it out very soon :) thanks for that :)

  14. seems like a great product but 30 minutes it's a long time.

    1. That is only if you use the toothpaste technique not the denture cleaner. The denture cleaner only takes 3-5 minutes. :)

  15. This sounds really interesting! #Definitely going to give it a try, thanks for sharing
    Carissa xx

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  17. I will have to give this a try. I wore some green polish and it stained my nails. I've just been waiting for it to grow out but I think I'll try the denture cleaner.
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  18. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to try this out. Great blog! :)

  19. I love these tricks! The cashier at the drugstore always looks at me funny for buying denture cleaner :O And thanks for following my blog Cami! I'm definitly going to follow yours, you give great advice.

  20. Love this! Especially helpful for me since I change my nail polish like every 3 days :)