Saturday, May 12, 2012

BH Cosmetics 120 Colors 5th edition palette review!

Hey everyone! So about 2 weeks ago I have received the BH Cosmetics 120 Colors 5th edition palette. It has so many warm toned neutral colors. I love neutral colors so I was so happy when BH Cosmetics sent me this palette. I have tried out the all of the different. I think they blend very well and all look good together. I will have some up tutorials coming up that I am very excited for so stay tuned for that but back to the review. They have shimmer colors, matte colors, glitter colors and so many different colors! The one thing I will say about these is at the end of the day before I take my eyeshadow off is that the colors did fade. I put my makeup on at around 7:00AM and then took it off at 7:00PM so after 12 hours it did fade which I am not complaining about but I did use a prime so I would recommend using a primer. 

In conclusion, I love this palette and I think it is totally worth the 23 dollars! The colors are so pretty and I love them so much! I would totally recommend it! 

The first layer

Swatches of the first layer

The second layer

Swatches of the second layer

Both layers

(I was sent this product for free but it does not change my review)

You can buy this palette at .

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I hope you enjoyed and if you have any further questions about this palette please let me know in the comments.



  1. These are really pretty colors I've always wanted to try out BH cosmetics!

  2. I need to get this ASAP!

  3. Wow this palette looks really pretty.

  4. Nice palette, I got one quite similar and i love it :)

  5. Wow.. DIdnt know the colour is quite pigmented. Thank for the review :)

  6. Ooo what pretty colors! i dont have any BH cosmetics palettes but i am very curious to try them!

  7. These colors are really nice. :) I really want there third edition palette. Thank you for sharing. ^^