Monday, May 14, 2012

Tip of the day! 5/14/12

Hey everyone. Today I have a tip of the day!

Since it is getting warmer and the sun is coming out WEAR SUNSCREEN! Everyday, I use sunscreen on my face to prevent skin damage. Pretty obvious but many people skip wearing sunscreen! I would highly recommend wearing sunscreen on your face and when you go to the beach, or spend a lot of time in the sun you should wear sunscreen. 

Hope you will start being more conscientious of wearing sunscreen!



  1. I guess some times I skip it, but I am planing on not skipping it this summer because I just HATE sun burns!

  2. I do sometimes skip it but I hope to get better at putting it on this summer.

  3. Hi Cami! Cute blog :)

    Wanted to let you know, I'm hosting a vegan protein powder giveaway. Would love to have you enter!