Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All About My Hair- Tag

Hey everyone. I am going to do a tag called All About My Hair.

1. When was the first time you got your hair cut? 

I was two years old.

2. When was the first time you got your hair colored, highlighted, ect.

NEVER! I do not color nor do I highlight my hair.

3. What is one hair product you can't live with out?

Argon Oil, I put this in my hair before I blow dry it and before I flat iron or just when it is wet and I let it air dry. It keeps the frizz to a minimum which is fantastic!

4.  What is a hair product you regret buying?

I regret buying the Chi Straight Guard. It is a blow dry heat protectant but it was kind of expensive and I think the tresemme heat protectant works the exact same (I can't tell the difference) so I still use the Chi but I regret spending the $20 or however much it was on it when the tressemme one is like $3.

5. What color do you want to dye your hair next?

I don't plan on dying my hair. Maybe when it turns grey but that is a long time from now. But if I do dye my hair in the near future, I will post about it but I don't plan on dying my hair.

6. What is the next hair product you really want to buy?

I don't know I am really happy with my haircare routine at the moment so I don't think I need anything.

7. What is a hyped up product that never worked for you?

The things that I did not like weren't really products that were given a lot of hype. The only product that I have used that was give a lot of hype is Moroccan/ Argon Oil but I love it!

8. What do you think about extensions?

I personally don't use them but if the person wearing them makes them blend in well with their hair then I think they are fine like the clip in ones or if they get them done in the salon then I think they are ok but I do not like when someone has brown hair for example and they are wearing black extensions. I do not like it that way. (I like bright and fun colored extensions but only like one or two at a time or else it is too much I think)

9. What is one hair care rule you never follow?

Not brushing your hair with a brush when it is wet. I try to use a wide tooth comb but I alway forget and end up using the brush.

10. Do you use vitamins to improve the health of your hair?

No I just eat a healthy diet.

11. Who is your hair idol?

I love Jennifer Lopez's hair when it is in the loose curls! I think it is so pretty and I have been trying to figure out how to do them so if you know please tell me in the comments!

I hope you all enjoyed this tag and I would love to hear your answers to the questions! I tag EVERYONE!



  1. this is a really good tag, I'm definitely going to do this ! xxxxxx

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  3. I agree, Jennifer Lopez's hair is gorgeous when it's all curly. Wish my hair could look like that!


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  7. I nominate you for the Liebester Award!

  8. Your hair is spoiled! hehe seems like you take very good care of it. I'm working on treating mine better xo

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  13. Great tag i cant live with out my arragan oil xoxo lia