Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dinar Airbrush Makeup Review

Hey everyone. Ever since I got into makeup, I have been curious about airbrush makeup. I got this machine about a year ago. When I ordered it I bought the medium kit. They were too dark for me (and I was to lazy to send them back) so I just stopped using it for a while. About a moth or so ago, I went on the the Dinair webpage and bought a lighter color, one that would match my skin tone. Every since I got the lighter color, I have been using my airbrush machine everyday! The link the Dinair website is and the link to the kit I bought was .

The Airbrush kit that I bought was called Personal Basic Kit and costed $159.75. When you order your compressor, you get the compressor, the airbrush gun and four foundation color that should be in your shade range (like I mentioned before, I bought the kit with the colors too dark). It also came with a bronzer, a blush, a product called moist and dewy which is used to add moisture to your skin and an airbrush gun cleaner.

The medium kit came with the the foundation colors; light golden beige, honey beige, dark golden beige and golden tan. All these colors were too dark for my skin color so I ended up purchasing a lighter color, olive beige. The bronzer color it came with was light bronze. The blush it came with was dark peach pink, but I also purchased cloudy pink in addition. Also, it came with a practice color... but I have no idea what it is used for. (haha) The kit came with a moist and dewy. When I bought the olive beige color, I also bought Jet Black which is an eyeliner. I also purchased the eyeshadow shield from Dinair.

Why do I love Dinair so much?

I love Dinair because it is so natural! It does not look like I am wearing makeup. Someone actually came up to me while I was wearing Dinair and said, you are so pretty and very lucky to be able to not wear any makeup. This made me happy because I believe makeup should be used to help enhance you featured, not over power them. I think airbrush makeup does just that! Also, it take me about 4 minutes to do my makeup in the morning because you don't have to deal with blending concealer and foundation or finding a new brush for powder or blush. It is just way easier to use the airbrush makeup! (However, if I choose to wear eyeshadow, I do use normal power, cream or mineral, on occasions I use the airbrush shadow) Also, the Customer Service is amazing! When I ordered my kit, I accidentally ordered 2 so I called the Customer Service and they canceled on right away.

How to use:

All you have to do is apply a few drops of foundation into the cup of the airbrush gun (about 6-8 drops). Turn the compressor on my spinning the dial to about 12:00. Then pull back the lever and start applying the makeup to your face. Once the makeup runs out then apply about 2 drops of blush. And apply it to your checks. After you should clean out your airbrush gun with the cleaner.

Here is a video from a Dianir worker that show you how to use the airbrush. I did not make these, I just wanted to emphasis this!

I have been using my airbrush daily. It has become a staple in my makeup collect, so when I run out of the foundation, you better believe I will buy more! (But I just bought it so it should last a very long time!) I you have any questions about Dinair or airbrush makeup please feel free to ask me and I can do a follow up post!



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