Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September Favorites!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little late with this post, buy hey, better late then never right?! I have a few items that I have been using so much for the month of September that I thought I would share with all of you!

1. Airbrush makeup! I have been using this everyday! (a review is on its way!!)

My airbrush machine is by Dinair

2. Maybelline Clear Mascara. I use this everyday on my eyebrows to keep them looking nice and not crazy!

3. DKNY perfume in Red Delicious. I love the smell of it and have been using it every single day with out fail.

I think this was limited edition

4. Now I always love nail polish! I thought I would show you the colors I have been crushing on for the month of September. Essie Smooth Sailing, Essie Sugar Daddy, and Sinful Colors Nirvana.

I have it on my nails right now!

5. For hair, I love just leaving it natural (see how in the previous post) or Straightening it with a flat iron.

6. Fashion, I have been in love with color jeans and also printed jeans.

These have a muted aztec-y print

This pair is purple

This is a rust color

These are red

7. Also, I love the collar trend.

I love this top!

 It is a skull print! (a huge trend this fall)

8. Jewelry, STUDDS ALL THE WAY! Its so weird that I have been as obsessed with studs as I have been because it is totally not my style. I don't know... I just can't get enough Studs!

Here are a few different studded bracelets, I also have a studded ring!

9. As for food, I have been addicted to Craisins (dried cranberries). They are the perfect healthy snack!

10. My favorite/ most listened to song of the month is.... Eighteen Cool by Hoddie Allen. I love this song! I have literally been listening to this on reply for the whole month! If you have not heard this song you need to go to Youtube or itunes and listen to it.

That is all for my September Favorites! I hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave a comment with your favorites.



  1. great post cami :) i LOVE red delicious!

  2. I really want some airbrush makeup! Everyone always looks so flawless afterwards :-)

  3. Nice post.^^
    Maybe follow each other???
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  4. Omg, i love DKNY red delicious its my fav!!:)

  5. wow i love that top! the skull polka dots are really cute and edgy!

  6. Lovely nailpolishes, I love your shirt! x

  7. I absolutely love that shirt and the braclets along with essie nail polishes and the jeans!!! Okay lets just say I love this post!


  8. The skull top is gorgeous, where did you get it from?

  9. Grazie di aver fatto visita al mio blog.Ti seguo con molto piacere.

  10. Ohhh I can't wait for the airbrush review!
    Awesome stuff, I want the DKNY perfume really badly (waiting for a sale haha)

    The Lovelorn

  11. Airbrush makeup?! Ooooh you fancy!
    Nikki at

  12. Lovely nailpolishes :)
    we follow each other???