Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: The Skin Regime Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin

Hey everyone! So a little while back I was contacted by the company "The Skin Regime" and I was sent a book called The Skin Regime. It is all about how to get clear and healthy looking skin. I was also sent a Glycolic Peel to try out and review.

The Book:
I found this book informative and also handy. In the book it tells the good from the bad skin care products. Also, it shares information on whether or not a product is helping your skin or just doing nothing. The book also explains how to get salon looking skin at home and for a fraction of the price. I do not want to give too much away but I highly recommend getting this book and reading it if you want to achieve healthy and clear skin!

The Peel:
MY FAVORITE PART! I just wanted to start by saying I love this peel. It is a 30% Glycolic Peel pH 2.1 (a pretty mild peel). What I did to use it was after my shower (I washed my face in the shower), I applied pure rubbing alchol. What the alcohol does is it strips the face of oils before you use the peel. Then, I rubbed the peel on my face and let my tell you it burned like crazy! After about 5 minutes it started cooling down and then after 10 minutes I rinsed my face and applied my facial moisturizer.
I did not necessarily like the process of the peel but I had a few blemished and the next morning they visibly shrunk! I couldn't believe it!

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I have a giveaway for all of you! The company has given me the chance to host a giveaway. One lucky follower of mine will get a free book and peel! How awesome?!

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