Monday, April 2, 2012

How I curl my hair!

Hey everyone! I curled my hair with the clipless curling iron that I showed in my last post! I curled my hair last night (it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes but once I get more practice I think I will get faster at it) to curl my hair which is not that bad because my hair is pin straight and does not curl but it did with the curling iron. If you think about it, it takes people with curly hair about an hour to straighten their hair so it was about even time for me to curl my hair. I slept on the curls last night and they fell to a beachy wave! I am now in love with the NEW version of my curling iron. I think it is about 3/4 of an inch. I took pictures of my hair but I am in PJs so just try to ignore that. :) If you have any further questions feel free to leave them in the comments! 

Right after I curled my hair

Once I slept on my hair

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. wow! you got great hair! Love them!:)

  2. Your hair looks amazing!


  3. the day after hair looks soooooo good!! mine definitely doesn't look like that after I sleep on it! haha your blog is realllly great! following!!! :)

  4. Your hair is gorgeous, I'm so jealous of how long it is curly! Once I've curled mine it's just shoulder length, booo! xx

  5. your hair looks really pretty! the day after one looks good!:)


  6. you have the most beautiful hair!!! im still attempting to master using a curling iron lol! great job hun!!!

  7. urm want to give me your hair?! looks absolutely gorgeous in the slept in picture! this is such a good idea and im defo gonna be doing this to my old curling irons!

  8. looks fab, cut my hair shorter in a mission to get it looking healthy! very jelous x

  9. Love your day after hair!

  10. Beautiful Hair
    Thank You For your sweet Comment
    Following you Back !!!!

  11. An hour and a half? That's such a long time for me! I think on an average day I spend 5 minutes on my hair (if even) and on a curling day, 15. Your hair does look gorgeous though. Wish I had that dedication.

  12. Wow! Your hair in the second pic looks so soft, beachy and pretty.

  13. Lovely hair Cami, it is beautiful ;)

  14. Your hair is beautiful. Love the curls...


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  15. An hour and a half is such a longtime, but is worth it :)
    I saw that you followed me on my other blog, last year (thecouturedolls) and I just checked it and saw your comment ;) so I'm checking your blog :)
    But now I have a new blog

    xoxo B.