Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Clothing Haul! (and a tip for shopping!)

Hey everyone! I went to TJ Maxx recently and bought some clothes. I really like Tj Maxx because they have very cute and in-style things that are about 50% or even more than 50% off! I don't really feel bad after shopping at TJ Maxx because I did not waste my money because everything was such reasonably priced! So now enough of me blabbing, lets get in to the haul...

Floppy Hat:
I love the way this looks and I am going to wear this to the beach a lot. This will protect my skin from the sun while still looking cute!

I just wanted to show you all how it looks when it is floppy

 Marilyn Monroe:
I love this shirt because I love the jewels on the bottom and I love Marilyn Monroe!

 Coral Top:
I got this top because it is Coral and coral is very in this spring! Also, it is so comfortable and cute!

 Jean Blazer:

 Sleeveless Shirt:
I love this and think it will look so cute with white jean shorts

 Maxi Dress:
Some of you might not like this dress but I absolutely LOVE it and think I am going to do a post/OFTD wearing this!

Here is a pic of the pattern up close

Shopping Tip: Before you go shopping make a list of things that you want or what trend you like so you do not end up buying things that you don't need or that you have a lot of. I think it makes shopping so much more easy. Here is a screen shot of my list when I went shopping.

As you can see I got the Maxi dress, floppy hat, coral shirt and jean blazer/jacket!

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what your favorite Spring Fashion Trend is.



  1. Great haul I need to get a hat too.

  2. love the monroe top! i do shopping lists like that on my iphone too lol

  3. I love TJ Maxx. Such great prices!

  4. I'm in love with that coral top! Too cute! (no, not actually too cute!) silly me!


  5. Cute haul I like TJ maxx too but they are not many around my new city :(

  6. I'm loving the maxi dress and the Monroe shirt. Very good haul!!!

  7. ooh im going to a wedding in May, may look at the offers in TX Maxx!

  8. I love the black see trough blouse/shirt!!! Very stylish. And your background is also very nice;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin

  9. TJ MAXX IS MY DOWNFALL!!! i never leave without at least one new thing :)

  10. love your new stuff!!i follow u back :-)

  11. Cute clothes. I love TJMAXX.

    Check out my blog giveaways:(more giveaways to come)

  12. I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

    -Meg (