Thursday, April 26, 2012

TAG! Get to Know Me!

Hey everyone so I have been tagged by Jonna! (Thanks so much!)

The Rules:

1. Each person must  state 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus the 11 facts  about you.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your blog.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs
6.You legitimately have to tag

11 Facts about me!

1. I am a middle child
2. When I was younger (like 4 or 5) I would use my moms makeup and attempt to use it and then I gave a fashion show for her and my dad (looking back I looked so foolish but it was a ton of fun at the time)
3. I love animals
4. I love to cook and bake
5. My shoe size is a seven in US measurements (a little random but still a fact!)6. I have never been anywhere outside the United States
7. I play tennis
8. I do not like Tomatoes
9. I haver never dyed or highlighted my hair
10. I do not like Scary movies
11. I love to read (if you know of any good books let me know because I have been on the hunt for a good one!)


1. How did you cope up with your first heartbreak?
I cried a lot but all you have to do is give it time because time will heal it 
2. What worries you most about the future? 
I really do not know
3. What would be the reason you'll give up blogging?
I do not intend to for a very long time but if I find another better way to share my love for makeup and fashion (but I will be blogging for a while so don't worry!)
4. What have you done that you are not proud of?
Well sometimes my sisters and I had some small fights when we were younger and once I did not talk to my sister for a week and I am not proud of that because I felt  really bad after
5. Do you believe in karma?
OMG YESSSS! I am so superstitious 
6. Who is/are your fashion icon?
I take inspiration for a lot of people so probably everyone!
7. What big lesson could people learn from your life?
I dont know maybe don't let the small things get to you (don't sweat the small stuff)
8. What are 2 things you both enjoy doing with your boyfriend/hubby?
I am actually not dating anyone right now
9. Agree or Disagree: The only person who can make you happy is you. 
10. What is romantic for you?
It depends on the person but when they do thoughtful things like get flowers, or cards. Things like that.
11. What's the  #1 thing you intend to accomplish before you die?
To dramatically change at least one persons life for the better :)

My questions:

1. What is your most prized possession?
2. What is your favorite clothing brand?
3. What is your favorite trend for Spring this year?
4. What is your favorite TV show?
5. Describe your self in one word.
6. What is your holy grail makeup item?
7. What is your favorite article of clothing? (take a pic if you want)
8. What was the last beauty or fashion item you bought?
9. What is one main thing you want to accomplish with-in the year?
10. What is your favorite song?
11. What made you want to start blogging?

People I tag:

I can't wait to see your response to this post!



  1. Thank you so much! I will do this soon, but as you know I just did a tag today so I`ll do it in half a week or a week. Sorry for the wait!


  2. I don't like scary movie too. good luck to all

  3. Yay you tagged me! This sounds so fun! I'll incorporate it into my next post! :)

    The Lovely Memoir

  4. I think it's a really lovely thing that you want to change a persons life for the better. That is amazing. :)

  5. Thanks so much for tagging me! It has been a busy week since I am in the middle of moving, and I have been a little sick today! I promise I will do this as soon as I get enough time! :)

  6. Hi dear! Thank you so much!I will update soon my last post so will inlcude also your questions! Btw, I liked your answers and hope u keep to blog for still long time as I like read u!! Kisses and have a nice day!!:*

  7. Omg!! Virgin hair!! I am barely letting mine grow out for the first time in like 15 years. I am seriously considering leaving it natural. BTW- thanks for the tag!!

  8. Hello! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I am deifinetly following you back, and I LOVE your blog! XOXO-Meena

  9. Thank you for the tagging me! I well get this done as soon I'm done cleaning my house. Thank you so much!

  10. thank you for the tag, hun! i'll let you know once i do it. i appreciate you thinking of me and including me. xx

  11. great post!! thanks for sharing!! i am also a middle child & i hate tomatoes too!! lol :)

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten and I will definitely do this when I am back to being able to use my laptop again! :)