Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Best Hair Spray Ever!

Hey everyone. So about 6 months ago I went to my Walgreens in need of a hairspray because I had just run out of the one I was using at the time. I purchased the Tresemme Climate Control hairspray not really doing any research on it. I picked it up because the bottle looked big, like it contained a lot of product and it was not very pricey, I think it was around 3-4 dollars (but I am not sure). And let me tell you it was worth the money! I have been using it on a day to day basis for about 6 months and still have a some hair spray let! I love it! 

I love it because my hair tends to frizz up like a frizz ball even when I straighten it so I need something to control it! I use CHI silk infusions along with this hair spray (when my hair is curly or straight) and it keeps the frizz away. On the hair spray bottle it says fights frizz, wind, and static! And for me it does! 

Also, it is NOT one of those hairsprays that makes your hair feel all crunchy and gross. I do not even feel like I am wearing hairspray which I love! I would totally recommend this to ANYONE with any hair type!

Hope this helps and if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will gladly answer it!



  1. this sounds lovely!! though i try not to use arisol cans. i hate when my hair feels crunchy!!!

  2. Great review I used to use Tresemme.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I use the Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray and hate it! Makes my hair feel really gross and crunchy. Thanks for sharing :) I will be sure to try out this one!

    -- Hailey (rosepetalbeautyx.blogspot.com)

  4. Omg! I love tressemme Its my favorite! I'm your newest follower! I think you'd like my blog!

    Xx Kelly


  5. thanks for this review! i probably wouldn't think of getting this without reading about it first. ;) i love hairsprays that don't make your hair crunchy and gross! i will definitely put this on my list. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  6. sounds like what i need! thanks for sharing

  7. I love Tresemme hair spray! smells lovely and so easy to brush out it doesn't take half your hair with the brush, they're always on good offers too, i recently picked up a 500ml bottle for 3 euro :) x

  8. I heard this good product. my step daughter been using it and smell pretty good too..

  9. havent tried this before, sounds really good. I hate crunchy hair sprays, glad this one isnt one of them :)

  10. Thanks for the rec, I may try next time I'm out!

  11. just came across your blog & totally like it!!! :)
    definitely following you now and would be more than happy if you took a look at my blog and tell me what you think!
    maybe you can become a follower too!? :) it would mean a lot to me!!!
    xxx love,


  12. heey nice blog, would you like to follow each other? :)


  13. Thanks for the recommendation...I'm almost out of hairspray so I will be purchasing some soon and I can't stand frizz, which I unfortunately have in abundance, or the typical crunchy hairspray feel. Does this spray dry your hair out with using it every day?

    Thanks for following me! I followed back :)

  14. I love this hair spray too!

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  15. love this hairspray, + i'm following you back :) x

  16. Thanx for the tip! I am so getting that!